Andrew Marc Spring Shop Wishlist 2016

I love Spring Fashion. The art of layering this spring season is just fantastic. It is not too cold or too warm. It is just perfect at the moment, on most days, and I like to play dress up, as you may have noticed by now. I also love shopping so it is only natural for me to lust after the new spring pieces in stores. This time I have my eyes on Outerwears.

Outerwears play a vital role in our outfits. Apart from protecting us from harsh weather conditions, they can also take our outfit to another level, so it makes sense to invest in good quality outerwear pieces, and that is where Andrew Marc comes in.

Andrew Marc is an American luxury fashion brand with some of the most stylish pieces I have seen this spring season. The brand focuses primarily on men’s and women’s outerwear, and their designs are breathtaking. I have been busy feeding my eyes on some of their stylish pieces in their Spring Shop, and there is a massive sale going on at the moment, that makes me feel like buying them all.


Here are a few of my favourites from the Andrew Marc Spring Collection:


Ellis Quilted Vest

Ellis Marc New York Image

This vest is a great outerwear to rock this season. It is perfect for layering, especially as the weather is up and down like a yo-yo. I love the fact that it is white. I can picture this Ellis quilted vest blending right in with my other pieces. The best part about this vest is that it also comes in black and pink as well. I want 1 in every colour!


Vanessa Trench Coat

Vanessa Andrew Marc Image


With the showers here and there, this midnight blue trench coat is a must-have this season. It is water repellant, and it has a removable hood, which comes in very handy. This Vanessa trench coat will kep you protected from the weather in a stylish way. It also comes in black and dove grey colours, which is great.


Remy Jacket

Remy Leather Jacket Image


This Remy Jacket is definitely one of my favourite pieces from the Andrew Marc spring collection 2016. It is a great transitional piece. I love the fact that the texture is a combination of leather and suede. It reminds me of a similar piece I got some weeks ago. This Remy jacket will be a nice wardrobe addition this spring.


Emma Jacket


Emma Jacket Image

This Emma Jacket is so my style. I love the olive-green colour, it also comes in white, midnight blue and black, so there should be a colour for every woman. It comes with a removable hood which is fab, and it can be internally cinched at the waist to flatter your body shape. I can picture this jacket on me already.


Elyse Jacket

Elyse Quilted Jacket Image


So I have saved the best for last with this quilted jacket here. This Elyse Jacket is definitely my favourite piece from this spring collection. I love the design with the signature pillow collar and detachable hood. The long waist belt also gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Layering with this Elyse jacket would look so cool. I can see myself rocking this piece.


What do you think of these Andrew Marc jackets? Did any jacket catch your eye? I am not sure if you noticed how cool the names of the jackets are, but I think it is a unique concept. I love that the jackets are named after women, it feels more personal. Lets chat, do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


*This is a collaborative post.

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