How To Be A Successful Fashion/Style Blogger

Hey everyone. Please don’t take this post too seriously. I am not claiming to be an expert in these things, I have only been blogging for two odd years. It takes hundreds and hundreds of blogging years to become an expert in fashion blogging.

Successful fashion and style bloggers all over the world abide by the following rules:

1. Strike A Pose


Posing for the camera should come natural to a true fashion/style blogger, You have to give America Next Top Models a run for their money if you want to have a successful fashion blogging career. The camera should be your friend.

2. Invest In A Stylish Wardrobe


There is no point posing in outfits from three seasons ago. Your wardrobe has to be updated every season with the new ‘IT’ pieces. Even if it means maxing out all your credit cards. Your fashion blogging career will thank you for it.

3. Get A Photographer Boyfriend/Husband


There is no point in having a striking pose and a designer packed wardrobe if you have no one to photograph you in them. Having a professional photographer ‘boyfriend’ is a must.Even if you have to beg or borrow.

4. Spam Spam Spam

Block Spam or Unwanted Comments in Blogger

Leave one word comments like wow, beautiful, stylish on famous blogs all over the world. Remember to leave your links multiple times below the comment just to pass the message across.

5. You Must Attend Fashion Shows

Fashion Show

Even if it means just standing outside the venue. Just make sure you put on the craziest outfit in your closet, put your sunnies on, no matter the weather and get your poses right. No one needs to know you never got in.

7. Buy Followers


Before you max out your credit card, put some cash towards buying followers on social media.What is the point in following all these rules if no one follows you? The figures speak for themselves, even if majority of your followers are from India.

6. Fake It Till You Make it


Brag about imaginary blogger friends, freebies, trips and events you have attended on social media. Then relax and wait till you make it.

*This is just a tongue in cheek kind of post if you have not realised that by now.

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