Tips on Preparing Feet for Beach Season

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Winter is the time of year when we relax, sometimes way too much. We gain a few pounds, let our hair grow, and neglect our feet since we constantly wear socks and closed shoes. And then, with the first warm days, we rush to sort out all that mess before summer.

Everyone wants a good-looking body during the beach season. But it’s equally important to have well-cared legs. You might be wanting to look your best for the beach, be keen to sell feet pics, or just want to do it for your own self-confidence. In any case, it’s something you might want to think about before the season starts. Cracked heels and untidy nails can cast a shadow on your sculpted abs. And if you think no one will notice, you are wrong. Nourished feet in women’s beach shoes will be a cherry on top of every summer outfit. Plus, you’ll feel better when your legs look good from thighs to toes.

Going to a pedicure is a good idea, even if you don’t practice it regularly. But you can do all these treatments at home, without overpaying for them in beauty salons. Of course, you need a little patience and supplies, but the result will be worth the effort.

Have a Bath

Proper hydration is the essence, as the entire body suffers without water. A dehydrated foot can be painful, and the onset of summer heat can worsen this condition. Your feet can get drier than usual during the winter, so you should take short, warm baths to keep them hydrated.

On the page below, find out why your legs swell in the winter:

A warm bath will help you remove dry skin, relieve pain and prevent fungus on your feet. You can make it with the addition of fresh herbs, essential oils, citrus juice, or spices. The combinations are numerous, and the especially useful one is a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and a little lemon in warm water. This bath will soften the thickened dead skin layers and help you remove them more easily.

After the bath, you can use tea tree oil to cleanse your feet and between your toes. This natural oil has antibacterial and soothing properties, so it can prevent infections and exfoliate dry skin. It will also heal cracked heels.

Foot Scrub

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Dry skin can lead to painful calluses, so make sure you take care of them before beach season. That’s why exfoliating is a vital part of preparing your feet for summer. You can do it once a week on cold days with a foot scrub, pumice stone, or exfoliating cream.

You can also make your own scrub by mixing equal parts of abrasive substance (baking soda, sea salt, or sugar), olive oil, and honey. Then, rub it in circular motions and make sure to reach the base of the nail so you can remove the skin easily.

DIY scrub can help with crack and mildly calves-foot. But a pumice stone is a better solution if you have old blisters and thick layers of dried skin. Choose the one that suits your skin and use it carefully, as explained on this link.


After exfoliating, you can apply moisturizing cream and socks to prevent your feet from drying out. Any hydrating lotion will do, and you can be generous with the amounts. It’s best to do this treatment before bedtime. You should sleep in socks or wear aloe-infused socks to lock in moisture if possible.

Get Your Nails Done

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You can paint your nails with an appropriate color to show off the best of your legs. Just make sure you get rid of ingrown nails first, as they can be ugly and sore. Then, ask your pedicurist to do it. If swelling and pus appear on the painful spot, you might need minor surgery.

After getting your feet prepared and nourished, it’s time to beautify them. The sand, debris, and saltwater can scratch the nails, so adding an extra coat on the surface is more than desirable. If you’re not a fan of colors and gels, a layer of clear nail polish is another great way to make your feet look great in sandals.

But if you love nail colors, pick the one (or ones) that matches your skin tone and coordinates with your summer attire. If you want to add a little extra glam, try a french polish. You can also apply a specialized coat to matte your gel for a smoother look.

Summer Care Tips

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Foot care doesn’t end up with summer. In fact, it’s a time of the year when you need to take special care of them as bare feet are prone to injuries and infection. So keep them clean and well-hydrated to enjoy your summer vacations without worrying about foot ailments.

Wear shoes that have good arch and heel support. Flat footwear is not comfortable and can lead to heel or arch pain. Instead, opt for sandals with a heel (even half an inch) and a supportive insole. To prevent blisters and cracked heels, wear a variety of shoes.

Change socks daily (opt for natural fibers) or not wear them at all. That will prevent feet from excessive sweating, irritation, and fungal infections. Also, taking off shoes regularly prevents dry skin and odors.

Visit the following source to learn about common mistakes in summer shoe choice:

Neglected feet during the winter are not the end of the world. But, of course, don’t let that escalate and cause you discomfort and even health problems. A few quick steps will ensure your feet look gorgeous and healthy at all times.



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