Dealing With Unexpected Costs



I am a planner but also a worrier. I like planning every detail in advance. So it comes as no surprise that every penny I have is accounted for. Since having my kids, I have become even more organised and more frugal. Life as a parent is very different to that of a single young child-free female living in Bristol. Before I had my kids and all the other responsibilities, there were so many things I could afford to buy without thinking twice, but all that has changed now. I am happy to say I am now a full-fledged responsible adult, with 2 toddlers, a mortgage and a business.

The truth about being a home owner means you have to deal with home improvements, emergencies and breakdowns. The bills never stop coming, and there is no agency or landlord to run to when appliances fall apart. That is where the responsibility comes in. When we have to deal with the shock of an unexpected cost, it literally throws me and our finances completely off-balance. A washing machine breaking down can drive any parent insane especially if your house is anything like mine. Our washing machine is always running. We always have piles and piles of clothes to wash. So washing every other day especially in the summer is quite normal in my house. So if the washing machine dares to break down, that would be classed as an emergency.




But then what happens when you have no funds to cover the unexpected cost of a breakdown but can’t survive without the appliance? That is where Vivus comes in. This company provides short-term loans of £100 to £300, to cover the costs of what you need sorting, and you pay back once you get paid, from 10 to 41 days. The best part of Vivus is you can get a decision online usually within minutes. Which means you may be able to get your appliance breakdown issue sorted on the same day, which is brillant.

Recent survey carried out by Which has also confirmed that payday loans are actually cheaper than unarranged overdrafts. So as a worrying mum, I like to know this is available for when I do need it because you never know these days. Life happens unexpected and the show must go on.

Have you ever had to deal with an expected cost? How did you handle it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below, lets talk.

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