What I am watching on Netflix this Spring

I am in the Netflix and chill state of mind. Uni work is almost completed for now, and work is quiet, so I have been watching a little more Netflix than I usually do. There are loads of amazing series and movies to watch in the spring and summer months, and this year is no exception. Here are some of the series I am watching on Netflix this season –

Queen Cleopatra image

Queen Cleopatra

I just started watching Queen Cleopatra on Netflix and I am finding the documentary quite interesting. There has been a lot of controversy over Queen Cleopatra being portrayed as a woman of colour, and I find that so odd, but ignoring the noise online, the series is entertaining and very informative. I love learning about ancient culture, and I am learning a lot from this series.

Night Action

I have finished watching this action packed series some weeks ago. It was so good. I enjoyed the suspense filled storyline. It kept me guessing and the cast did an amazing job. If you like your series a bit fast paced, you should check out Night Action! It will definitely leave you at the edge of your seat.

The Brave Ones

This is another African series I have just finished watching. I really enjoyed this one. The storyline is quite captivating and deep. It is one of those series you either like or you loathe, and I really like The Brave Ones. If you are after something different to watch on TV, and you don’t mind reading subtitles, you should probably check out The Brave Ones.

Workin Moms

The new season of Workin Moms is now on Netflix and it is fab as usual. I have seen a few episodes already and the cast are back with their funny lines. If you are into light comedy series, you should check out Workin Moms. It would definitely leave you laughing out loud.

Another Self

This is one series I am still watching. It is quite good as long as you are patient with it as it can feel slow sometimes, and it is a Turkish series, but it is deep and interesting. I love the storyline and I like watching series from different parts of the world as it allows me learn about various cultures. Another Self is definitely worth a watch.

So these are the series I am currently watching on Netflix? What are you watching on Netflix?






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