Faux Fur

I got this faux fur jacket in H&M on sale some days ago. It was half price. I have never been a lover of fur or faux fur clothing but I fell in love with this jacket for some weird reason. Maybe it was the price tag I fell in love with or maybe it was the faux fur. All I can say is, I am now a lover of faux fur.

Here is a list of what I have on:

Purple top – Dorothy Perkins

Black leggings – Dorothy Perkins

Faux fur jacket – H&M

Black Boots – Uggs

Sunnies – Gucci

Brown Bag – Calvin Klein






12 responses

  1. You look great. I love everything you have on especially the purple dress. I love purple – it is one of my colours. And your jacket is super. Baby, you are too much.

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