Love Zara or Lust Michael Kors

I will be featuring a weekly love or lust post. The love item will be an item you can easily afford after pay day while the lust item will be an item you will need to save up for if you are on a tight budget.

This week’s love item is a brown braided shopper handbag by Zara and the lust item is a brown jet set chain large shoulder bag by Michael Kors. Which do you prefer?

LOVE Zara at £79.99



LUST Michael Kors at £225


I Need To Always Check The Weather Forecast

I wore this outfit to work yesterday and it turned out to be a very cold day, I wished I wore something warmer. The day started looking all bright and sunny, well it is supposed to be spring you know, and suddenly it just changed miraculously (if you are in the UK you will know what I mean by that) and started getting colder and colder.

I am happy I got to take these photographs before the change in weather and I will aim to always check the weather forecast before deciding on what to wear.




Snap Shot:

Black dress – New Look

Black opaque tights – Next

Black flats – Barratts

Cream lace crotchet jacket – Closet

Watch – Michael Kors

Bracelet – Monet & Co

Earrings – Ernest Jones

Red bag – Valentino

Have a lovely day peoples.

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