The Beauty of a Leather Bag

If you know me well enough, and you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for some time, you would know all about my love for stunning leather bags, and how I keep growing my leather bag collection. I have a thing for leather bags. I love the way they smell and look. I can never say no to a quality handbag.

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I think every woman should have a few quality leather bags in her wardrobe. A stunning bag has the power to change any look, and take it from level 0 to a level 100, so they are definitely worth investing in.

If I had £100 to invest in my wardrobe, the first thing I would definitely think of getting is a new hand bag. I love my pieces, watches, shoes and stuff, but I have a special place in my heart for handbags. I have always had and always will.

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And being a mini shopaholic, I have been on the lookout for some quality leather bags to grab this spring/summer season. In my pursuit, I came across Betty Hemmings some days ago, and I fallen in love with stunning their leather goods. For those who have not heard of this brand, it is a premier specialty retailer for Business, Travel and Luxury leather goods. It was founded in 1978, and offers a sophisticated range of luxuriously crafted briefcases, business accessories, luggage and leather goods.

They stock very quality handbags, I felt very at home on their website. There were so many bags I likes but these 2 below caught my eye instantly.

Small Naneè Bag Serapian Evolution Collection                


Rita Bag Serapian Evolution Collection  


I am in need of a black bag or 2, so I am be getting these, fingers and toes crossed.

What do you think of these bags? Are you as crazy about bags as I am?

Sound off in the comments section below, let’s talk.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing week.

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5 Fashion Hacks for Handbags

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Handbags are my favourite accessories. I see them as an easy way to add some ‘wow’ into any outfit, so I take my time buying them. I have quite a few handbags and I am in the pursuit of adding a few more to my bag collection, which inspired this post. When you go for quality over quantity, your handbags serve you longer, and you can even make some money off them if you plan to sell them off at some point. I have sold a few designers bags on eBay and I made some cool cash off them so I know.

Here are some fashion hacks for you to have in mind when it comes to buying and using your handbags:


A Classic Bag

If you can afford to, have at least 1 classic designer bag, preferably in black. It is smarter to go for a classic style that will stand the test of time, and still be in vogue 10 years later.


On-the-go Bags

Since becoming  mum, I have fallen in love with on-the-go bags, also known as satchel or messenger bags. They are the best fashion inventions ever! I can have my bag and have my hands free. They are great for busy mums, students and travellers. You should have at least 1 of these. I have quite a few and I am in the pursuit of others.


Clutch Chic

Clutch bags are ideal for dinners, wedding and formal events. They have the power to add instant glamour to your outfit so they are definitely worth having. I was slow on the clutch chic collection, but I am happy to have a few clutches now. I will probably be adding some more at some point, bank balance permitting.


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Go for Light Bags

It amazes me the amount of cheap heavy bags designers churn out every season. I always check the weight of a bag before carrying. Bags that come naturally heavy will be a lot heavier once you have your junk in it. This added weight can cause strains, damage posture, and trigger back and shoulder pain.


Care for your Bags

Handle your handbags with tender, love and care. Make sure you do not squash them while storing. Opt to store your bags in drawstring cotton bags when not in use.


Do you have any fashion hacks for handbags to share? Sound off in the comment section below.

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Handbag Wishlist March 2016

If you know me well enough, then you will know I am a ‘bag woman’. I am happy to splurge away on high quality handbags as opposed to shoes. I think most women usually favour one over the other, so some spend on shoes more than they spend on bags, and a good number of women I know also pay the same attention to shoes and bags, and spend the same amount, happily shopping for both, lol. Whatever rocks your boat right?

I am currently lusting after some gorgeous arm candies I have spotted online. I spend an insane amount of time online, lusting after various pieces and accessories online, dreaming of when I would have an unlimited budget and be able to buy whatever I want, when I want, but for now, I will happily drool over these handbags, and grab them as soon as I can.

Come drool with me:


Armani Jeans Eco Saff Black Medium Tote Bag


Armani Jeans Bag Image

I have had my eye on this handbag for some months now. I like the size, and the minimal design, and I am in need of more black bags so I may be grabbing this arm candy very soon. It currently goes for £115, so it is quite affordable, for me anyway.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Bainbridge Navy Large Tote Bag

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Bag Image

I adore navy blue, so I am usually drawn to anything in that colour. This bag would be an amazing casual bag to own. It would look amazing with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, or a denim dress. I have some many outfits centered around this handbag, and at £99 only, I will be looking into getting this handbag as soon as my bank balance allows.


Love Moschino Superquilt Black Flapover Shoulder Bag

Love Moschino Bag Image

This Moschino Flapover bag is the perfect shoulder bag. Great for events, dinner dates, and when you want to look formal/’all dressed up’. I recently fell in love with shoulder bags as I find them very easy to just throw over with juggling two toddlers currently going through the terrible twos stage. Shoulder bags make it very easy for me to look stylish and have my hands free to grab them, best of both worlds right? This beauty currently costs £145.


Michael Kors Cynthia Blue Tote Bag

Michael Kors Bag

When it comes to handbag, Michael Kors is easily the Boss, and this powder blue handbag confirms it. This beauty is currently the Queen of my heart. I love the shade of blue, so cool and the design is so amazing. This arm candy will fit right into my wardrobe. I see myself grabbing this handbag easily. You can get this for £285.


Ted Baker Sienna Black Large Tote Bag

Ted Baker Bag Image

Good things come to those who wait they say, so I will be waiting patiently to bring this Ted Baker Sienna tote bag home. I love the cute bow design, and it is another black bag so this will easily fill the gab in my bag collection. It goes for £269.


So what do you think of these bags? Which is your favourite?Sound off in the comment section.

All bags are available at House of Fraser.

Happy shopping.


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