5 Fashion Hacks for Handbags

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Handbags are my favourite accessories. I see them as an easy way to add some ‘wow’ into any outfit, so I take my time buying them. I have quite a few handbags and I am in the pursuit of adding a few more to my bag collection, which inspired this post. When you go for quality over quantity, your handbags serve you longer, and you can even make some money off them if you plan to sell them off at some point. I have sold a few designers bags on eBay and I made some cool cash off them so I know.

Here are some fashion hacks for you to have in mind when it comes to buying and using your handbags:


A Classic Bag

If you can afford to, have at least 1 classic designer bag, preferably in black. It is smarter to go for a classic style that will stand the test of time, and still be in vogue 10 years later.


On-the-go Bags

Since becoming  mum, I have fallen in love with on-the-go bags, also known as satchel or messenger bags. They are the best fashion inventions ever! I can have my bag and have my hands free. They are great for busy mums, students and travellers. You should have at least 1 of these. I have quite a few and I am in the pursuit of others.


Clutch Chic

Clutch bags are ideal for dinners, wedding and formal events. They have the power to add instant glamour to your outfit so they are definitely worth having. I was slow on the clutch chic collection, but I am happy to have a few clutches now. I will probably be adding some more at some point, bank balance permitting.


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Go for Light Bags

It amazes me the amount of cheap heavy bags designers churn out every season. I always check the weight of a bag before carrying. Bags that come naturally heavy will be a lot heavier once you have your junk in it. This added weight can cause strains, damage posture, and trigger back and shoulder pain.


Care for your Bags

Handle your handbags with tender, love and care. Make sure you do not squash them while storing. Opt to store your bags in drawstring cotton bags when not in use.


Do you have any fashion hacks for handbags to share? Sound off in the comment section below.

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  1. I love handbags but at the moment I am using a rather cumbersome backpack as a changing bag. It’s just easier to throw it on my back when out with the girls. I am looking forward to going back to handbags once the changing bag is outgrown.

  2. I totally agree with checking out the weight of the bag before buying, I really love sachels/messenger bags, couldn’t be without one.

  3. You are so right about some designer bags being really heavy, my friends Chloe bag is ridiculous and it is the huge padlock which weighs a lot x

  4. Great hacks! Completely agree with the weight of the bag, I always find myself buying heavy ones, then when I fill it up with the junk I usually carry around, end up getting a bad back x

  5. Great blog and tips. I used to have so many bags it was ridiculous. At least 20 some year ago. I have tailored it down now. I have 2 bags that are more expensive, 1 in classic black and another in pink. 3 travel/rucksack bags (Accessorise are my fave for) and a classic black for night time. Weight is definitely an important part of buying

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  7. Hi Stella. Amazing tips! Regarding heavy bags – once I was so amazed by a design of handbag that I got it without really checking the weight. I thought there is some foam or something stuck inside it, thus making it heavy. Next day walking to my workplace was a nightmare. The bag was really heavy. I put only essentials in it and it made my shoulder sore. The strap was also too narrow and it was cutting into my body. I live only 15 minutes walk from work, but by the time I was there I already had marks on my shoulder that just looked really bad… I had to return the bag.

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