The Natural Makeup Look


I am  a lover of the “Natural Makeup Look”. It is a lot longer and harder achieving this look but I love the freshness it brings. To achieve a light makeup look, you will need to add subtle definition to your facial features. Here are some tips that could come in handy:

  • Give a hint of colour to the eyebrows and eyelashes by applying a dark brown eyebrow pencil and a warm brown mascara. Avoid dark pencils and mascaras.
  • Avoid strong shades of eye shadows or lipsticks. Go for shades like this Brown Down Mac Eyeshadow,

Brown down Mac

or this Coral Bliss MAC lipstick

Coral Bliss

  • Use a clear lip gloss if necessary.
  • Use a natural lip pencil.
  • Make sure you use the right shade of foundation and powder and apply lightly.
  • Add a touch of colour to the cheeks. This Orekelewa mineral blush is a good tone


  • And remember to blend, blend, blend.

You can send me your pictures of your natural made up face along with your names and I will publish them on my next makeup/beauty post. The email address is

Thanks for reading.

Pictures Source: Pinterest

Fashion Week – Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Show

The fashion week is here again and I have been following the show right from the beginning. I will be featuring my favourite pieces from the Spring/Summer collection of various designers. Alexander Wang is one of my favourite American designers and he is one of the top designers in the world. His ready-to-wear collection for spring/summer 2015 is here and it is all about fierce tailoring. Happy viewing:


A Wang

Alexander Wang




fashion show

What do you think of his collection?


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