Shopping: Love Maje or Lust Roberto Cavalli

Hello my beautiful readers.  Our love item for this week is this leopard print knitted sweater by Maje for £250:


While our lust item is this oversized leopard print by Roberto Cavalli for £795:


Which sweater will you go for if money was not an option?

Enhancing The Deep-Set Eye


With the deep-set eye, the eye appears to be set deep in the skull, making the eye area appear small. Enhancing the deep-set eye is quite easy. The whole eye should appear larger and come forward, The aim is to enlarge the eye. This can be achieved by following these steps:

  • Apply a highlighter shade all over the eye area
  • Use the brightesr eye pencil in your makeup bag to apply a thin line along the top lash and the bottom
  • Apply the brightest accent colour in your palette
  • Apply the lightest blender colour directly in the eye socket and blend all colours together.

Here are some celebrities with deep-set eyes:

Kim Kardashian



Megan Fox


Taylor Swift



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