How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

I have had stretch marks for as long as I can remember, my weight went up and down so many times in my teen years, and I had a lot more stretch marks while I was pregnant with my twins. Some have faded away but some have refused to go. I have tried everything humanly possible, Bio Oil, Cocoa Butter and the works, but these stubborn stretch marks have refused to go away.

I remember my pregnancy days, I tried everything in the book to avoid having more strech marks, I didn’t scratch my bump, even though I was dying to, I applied cocoa butter everyday on my bump and I didn’t eat for three, but I still got the dreaded stretch marks.

Now, these marks do not worry me as such as they are usually covered and barely visible, but it would be lovely to get rid of them all for good. I have recently read about laser removal treatments for stretch marks and it has given me hope, hope that one sweet day, my body will be smooth and free from stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Free

The laser removal treatment works using a fractional laser technology, short pulses of laser energy are delivered to the skin – specifically targeting the stretch marks. The laser stimulates the production of new collagen to smooth out the skin and improve discolouration.

This laser treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. It is very quick, you will start to notice a difference in your skin after about 3-5 sessions, and it usually take about 30 minutes for each session. Also, you likely won’t require a downtime or bed rest, you can carry on as normal immediately after the treatment. The laser treatment can work on any skin type, and all stretch marks, no matter the cause, and the final results are fantastic.

I am looking forward to trying this out for myself. Do you have stretch marks that bother you? Have you heard of this laser treatment before? Drop me a comment, let’s chat. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I really can’t imagine how this would work, I have many stretch marks on my tummy and they are very deep and wide. Throughout the years they have faded but they are still there, clearly visible for me to see – although bf said they don’t bother him and don’t put him off.
    Let me know if it does work, am interested to see pictures.

  2. Despite applying Bio Oil twice a day throughout my first pregnancy, I still got awful stretchmarks. Two babies later and I’m covered in them! I’ve kind of got used them now and my stomach will never again see the light of day! I’m not sure if I’d want to get rid of them as I can’t imagine myself ever wearing a bikini again even if they weren’t there. If the treatment works, though, I think it will help a lot of women.

  3. Fortunately I came off without the dreaded stretchmarks but then I am still on baby number 1. This is a cool innovation, do let us know how you fared with it.

  4. This is a treatment I REALLY want to try. I know some of these treatments can be hit or miss down to the particular person and how they react to it, but even if it improved the area by 20% I’d be happy! x

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  6. I used dermalmd stretch mark serum with my first pregnancy and I only ended up with a handful of small stretch marks on my stomach. After finding out we were expecting again this was something I immediately wanted to purchase. It relieves itching, it seems to prevent any stretch marks (if applied on a daily basis), and a little bit goes a long way. I definitely suggest trying the dermalmd if expecting!

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  8. Nice article! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This treatment looks great to get rid of stretch marks. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

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