Celebrity Style: Kelly Rowland In Stella McCartney


The stunning Kelly Rowland rocked this grey gold stud embellished sweatshirt and pants by Stella McCartney. Is this a Yay or a Nay? You decide….

Learning To Drive Properly

I have been learning how to drive on and off now for almost 4 years, and I am still learning. It has been an extremely long journey, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get to my destination.


I passed my theory test at my first attempt, I used various driving instructors (kept changing until I found the right one), took the practical test with a huge baby bump and I failed woefully. I messed up my manoeuvres, panicked and messed up the rest of the test too. Honestly, I was heavily pregnant so I didn’t really have a chance, I was too worried about the bump. To crown it all up, my theory test result has now expired (after 2 years), so that means I would have to take the theory test again, before I can have another go at the practical test. Happy days right?

However, the knowledge I have acquired from my many driving lessons has opened my eyes to how many other drivers break the laws of driving. I often find myself amazed at how some people drive. I mean, you just have to be in a car for 5 minutes to see a driving offence, it is ridiculous. It’s like people just wait to pass their tests, get their full license and then, start driving as they please. Many are also breaking driving laws without even knowing it.


Here are some of the popular driving offences:

  1. Honking to signal your annoyance.
  2. Driving around with ‘car for sale’ sign in window (this is so common).
  3. Driving for more than ten hours. I bet you didn’t know this one.
  4. Hogging the middle lane.

I am pretty sure you have seen drivers committing these driving offences because I see them almost every day. There are also some really crazy driving laws you may not be aware of, like –

  1. Being able to relieve yourself beside the road, as long as your right hand is on the car and you are beside the car’s rear tyre.
  2. It is illegal to hail a cab in London if you are suffering from the plague.
  3. London taxis are legally required to carry a bale of hay and a sack of oats at all times.

Did you know any of these laws? I bet you didn’t know the last one for sure because I didn’t. I guess we learn everyday. You can check out the infograhic from Simpson Millar, to read more about this.

Did you know any of these laws? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, lets chat. Thanks for reading.

This Material Culture Bollywood Bangle

I love my jewellery, I have 4 jewellery cases and I am still collecting. I believe in the power of accessories, they have the power to make or break any look, so I take mine very seriously. That is why I collect only the best. The right jewellery can add some sparkle to any look, and take it from frumpy to stylish, and most times, the right piece of jewellery is all we need.

I have recently received this colourful Bollywood Bangle Set from the lovely people of This Material Culture and I have fallen in love with it. It is very different from other pieces, and I love that about it. This bangle stands out from the others.

Material Culture Bangle

Here is what This Material Culture has to say about this beautiful piece:

This delicate bollywood bangle is created with amazing red, orange, purple and gold glass beads, with a little gold elephant and a silver hamsa charm. In bold jewel tones, this gorgeous piece is inspired by bollywood, eastern glamour and warm spice colours. The bangle will fit any size wrist and will be completely handmade and unique. This lovely piece of jewellery would make a beautiful gift for someone you love or a little treat for yourself.


I love the quirky and unique design, the pop of colour is a breath of fresh air, the charms add a bit of character to it, and the light price tag of £10 makes me even love it the more. It is a good, quality piece of jewellery with a very affordable price tag, and it is all hand-made in Liverpool. I love supporting, small and medium brands, and me reviewing this beauty is my own way of doing so.

What do you think of this Bollywood bangle? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.


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