Learning To Drive Properly

I have been learning how to drive on and off now for almost 4 years, and I am still learning. It has been an extremely long journey, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get to my destination.


I passed my theory test at my first attempt, I used various driving instructors (kept changing until I found the right one), took the practical test with a huge baby bump and I failed woefully. I messed up my manoeuvres, panicked and messed up the rest of the test too. Honestly, I was heavily pregnant so I didn’t really have a chance, I was too worried about the bump. To crown it all up, my theory test result has now expired (after 2 years), so that means I would have to take the theory test again, before I can have another go at the practical test. Happy days right?

However, the knowledge I have acquired from my many driving lessons has opened my eyes to how many other drivers break the laws of driving. I often find myself amazed at how some people drive. I mean, you just have to be in a car for 5 minutes to see a driving offence, it is ridiculous. It’s like people just wait to pass their tests, get their full license and then, start driving as they please. Many are also breaking driving laws without even knowing it.


Here are some of the popular driving offences:

  1. Honking to signal your annoyance.
  2. Driving around with ‘car for sale’ sign in window (this is so common).
  3. Driving for more than ten hours. I bet you didn’t know this one.
  4. Hogging the middle lane.

I am pretty sure you have seen drivers committing these driving offences because I see them almost every day. There are also some really crazy driving laws you may not be aware of, like –

  1. Being able to relieve yourself beside the road, as long as your right hand is on the car and you are beside the car’s rear tyre.
  2. It is illegal to hail a cab in London if you are suffering from the plague.
  3. London taxis are legally required to carry a bale of hay and a sack of oats at all times.

Did you know any of these laws? I bet you didn’t know the last one for sure because I didn’t. I guess we learn everyday. You can check out the infograhic from Simpson Millar, to read more about this.

Did you know any of these laws? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, lets chat. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’ve been driving for seven years now and I can honestly say I couldn’t tell you all the laws. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have been breaking laws without knowing. There are old laws that are still in place and new ones coming every year, It is hard to know which to follow

  2. I’m kind of in the same boat as you actually. I did my driver theory test when I was 18 (9 years ago) and still don’t have my full license! After I got the theory test, I tried learning but lots of other stuff really got in the way and it fell onto the back burner. In 2012, I decided to really learn and I had two different instructors but I failed the test. Looking back, I know I wasn’t ready to actually drive anyway. My confidence was at rock bottom and I actually dreaded driving because I felt completely incompetent and afraid. Just recently, I’ve mustered back up the confidence to try again and now it’s such a different experience because I actually WANT to learn – I’m not just going through the motions because I feel socially obliged or whatever. Hopefully next time I’ll pass… but if not, I’ll try again! Best of luck to you.. I completely agree that I am so aware of bad/rule breaking drivers! No1 is definitely texting/talking on mobile phones and not wearing a seat belt. I can’t understand how anyone could be so stupid!! Let us know WHEN you pass with flying colours (or driving… *lame puns*) X


  3. I had to do my test four times, but that was ten years ago and I think I’m a brilliant driver now…but I still need some more lessons because i can’t do motorways at all, so I don’t! Good luck, you can do it!

  4. I didn’t know it was legal to relieve yourself at the side of the road, I always make my daughter wait until we get to a toilet and she has had quite a few accidents when she was younger. I feel bad now.

  5. I’m 32 and I plan to start driving lessons in the New Year. I’m terrified. You are basically driving a weapon on roads full of other weapons, most of which are driven by morons. As you say, it’s impossible to be on the road for five minutes without seing someone do a dick move. However, we need to be a driving family now the kids are getting older. I am so scared though.

  6. The second set of laws really made me laugh & I’ll be adding them to my bank of random trivia that I pull out often, haha. I too have been learning to drive on and off for years. I’m okay at it, but then money or time gets in the way and I have to stop again for ages. So frustrating. Good Luck! x

  7. I bet you’re a fabulous driver! Driving tests can be so nerve wracking but I’m sure you’ll eventually get there! Just think of it an extra practice 🙂 I did and I finally passed! Them laws are very interesting! 🙂

  8. Don’t give up, it took me five attempts and I always say I am a much safer driver than many that passed first time.
    I will make sure I pass on the first driving law to the rugby players next time they are in the minibus on an away trip!

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