Struggling with Stretch Marks? 5 Organic Tips to Beat Stretch Marks


Let’s be honest… unless you’re going to commit to never ever having a lick of something sweet, and commit to working out for hours a day, you’re likely going to notice a stretch mark (or few) appear at some point in your life.

Despite a common misconception, pregnant women aren’t the only ones that deal with stretch marks, and chances are since you’re reading this article right now, you’re one of those people.

Fear not, the stretch-mark-struggle does not have to be real, and there are certainly ways you can manage, if not beat them!

But before we get into those many ways you can overcome them, let’s talk about what causes stretch marks!



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What causes stretch marks to appear?

Stretch marks most commonly appear on the body in areas where the skin is the subjected to stretching; such as the stomach, upper arms, and upper thigh areas.

They appear due to a few different reasons:

  • Drastic weight gain/loss
  • Stress
  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Water intake

As your skin stretches, your collagen, which acts as a “glue” holding your skin together, starts weaken. As the collagen weakens, your skin forms lines beneath the top layer which start out purple, pink, or red. Over time, these lines may turn a silver-white color.


5 Organic Ways To Beat Stretch Marks


Stimulate collagen production

As you age, your body’s ability to produce collagen naturally decreases. In order to improve your skin’s elasticity, and boost hydration, it’s important to supplement with collagen in your daily diet. Consuming collagen also provides you with the added benefit of helping to fade stretch marks from the insight out, while preventing any new ones from occurring.


Amp up your vitamin C

Vitamin C and hydrolyzed collagen are like peas in a pod. They work together to promote collagen formation, so it makes perfect sense then to help boost your body’s natural response to beating stretch marks to make sure you’re adding plenty of Vitamin C rich foods to your diet, and pair your internal collagen intake with a topical Vitamin C.  

Eat your vitamins

It’s not just Vitamin C that help you beat stretch marks. Zinc and Vitamin A also play important parts in helping strengthen the skin and stimulate new cell formation. You can either supplement with Zinc or start eating more foods like nuts, oysters, and chicken. Vitamin A is also quite easy to obtain through foods like butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrots.



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Ditch drugstore creams

It may be tempting to reach for drugstore stretch mark creams, but all they do is mask the underlying issue. Instead, choose organic bodycare filled with skin loving ingredients that support your skin’s elasticity like these great options:


Encourage blood flow with exfoliation

Stimulating your body with regular, gentle exfoliation helps to improve blood flow and fat, which work together to lighten stretch marks over time. You can exfoliate a few different ways:


Are you dealing with stretch marks? What do you think of these organic tips?


*Collaborative post.

20 responses

  1. Stretch marks can leave someone so uncomfortable. Anyway, I’ll agree that if you stimulate collagen production, you can get rid of them since I’d recommended an ecollagen cream to my mum and it worked.

  2. These are really great tips on keeping our stretch marks under control. I massage coconut oil into the skin, but I think I may also try some of your other suggestions.

  3. I have stretch marks but they have faded in time, but still visible when you look closely. My niece has visible stretch marks on her legs. I will let her know about these tips on how to get rid of them the natural way.

  4. These are really great tips. My stretch marks have been there for the past 22 years and I am so used to them. I will still give your tips a try.

  5. This is great information you shared. Many women get stretch marks due to pregnancy (a.k.a. Tiger stripes). I will have to share this with my friends who are still in the child bearing years. Natural remedies are always better in treating those stretch marks!

  6. I try so hard to keep my skin healthy. I don’t think I ever experience stretch marks yet. Or if I did, they just disappear.

  7. Wow…double wow. This article is phenomenal to its greatest effect. Im a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the past 5 years ive been eating strictly organic food and switched all my ocer the counter beauty and multivitamins to organic. Even a man geta stretch marks. I started working out 3 years ago, dominating myself and I’ve noticed over time i got em mostly under my armpit by the Pectoralis Major muscle. Since i studied essential oils and am also a holistic certified Aromatherapist, i knew i had to intake my vitamin C. I also had some based oils as Organic rose hip seed oil and Organic prime rose oil. I mixed em with some organic lavender oil and created a potent that gave my skin more toneness and slowly deminishing the lines, for lavender also gets rid of scars and I’ve seen this with my own eyes, i got my hand burned in tge oven, baking one day and i quickly new i needed lavender for it soothes burns, it sooth it and calmed it alright, 2 days later i noticed a scar, i applied lavender on the spot with an organic cotton swab and did it for 2 weeks. The scar just diminished about 95% i was amazed even though i knew true organically grown lavender made in essential oil is a one of kind to have in your bathroom, or emergency medical box, when you see it its when you tend to find out more about Mother nature.

    Thank you for this wonderful, very informative article fashionandstylepolice.

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