Ways You Could Reduce Travel Stress This Holiday Season

I have always been so excited for the holidays, especially Christmas. The holidays are the best time to spend with your family and loved ones. So are you making plans to travel this holiday season?

If you are, then here’s something you need to know: travelling during the holidays is stressful. Just like you millions of people are planning to travel this holiday to spend it with their loved ones. This is a sign that traveling this season will be extremely hectic.

Encountering the crowd travelling at the same time will be overwhelming. That is not as bad if you’re an experienced traveller. But as a first time traveller, it can be a lot to handle.


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It’s normal to get stressed out in such a situation. You may find some of these nifty tips that will help reduce travel stress this holiday season.


Plan what you will do when you are faced with delay

When you’re travelling, delays are inevitable. Flights could be delayed due to bad weather, which could make you miss your hotel reservation. The long queues at the airport could also slow you down.

Planning is key before you set out to travel. Of all the things that you need to plan for, one of the things that will keep stress at bay is to plan what to do when you’re faced with delays.

Some credit card providers provide reimbursements for meals and lodging when you’re delayed. This will help you make sure that you don’t suffer a loss when you’re delayed.


Have a checklist

Checklists are very helpful especially when you’re preparing to travel. Create a checklist of all the travel arrangements you need to make or of the things you need to pack for your journey.  I always have my checklist with me when I want to make sure that I have packed everything I need. It also helps me know if I have done all the necessary travel arrangements. It saves you from all the hassles and keeps you focused on the tasks that you need to pay attention to first.


Maintain calm as much as possible

It can get pretty hectic when you want to travel. It can be so overwhelming that you end up snapping at people especially at the airport.

Try and maintain calm as much as possible. When someone does something to tick you off, take a few minutes to breathe deeply. This will help you calm down and deal with situations with a clear mind and composure.


Make sure your carry-on has everything you need

When you’re traveling , your carry-on bag is the one you’re always with. So, its important to make sure that you have the essentials with you in your carry-on bag.

You can never know what could happen during your travels. That’s why your carry-on bag has what you need to help you through contingencies like inordinate delays or even accidents. A good rule of thumb while packing your carry-on bag is to pack the things you’ll need over the span of 12 hours. Never underestimate the possibility of needing a snack or some toiletries.


Lifestyle of a Secretive Billionaire

The lifestyle of billionaires always interest me. I find the way they live very fascinating. If I could be a billionaire or celebrity for a day, I would have the fun of my life for sure. Which is why Calvin Lo’s lifestyle intrigues me. Have you heard of him before?


All about the private rich

The rich folks always fascinate the general public, especially those that keep their lifestyle private. 
The best in the business are some of the richest, most powerful men and women on the planet, yet billionaires are typically reserved when it comes to the media spotlight. They shy away from interviews and cameras, which means the general public never really know anything about them. This increases the mystery surrounding them. 


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Lo, the billionaire that no one have heard of. Photograph: Apple Daily Hong Kong

Calvin Lo – The Secret Billionaire

In the finance world, few can boast the spending power of Hong Kong financier Calvin Lo, also known as 盧啟賢 in Asia, the CEO of R.E. Lee international, the largest life insurance broker in the world. His company regularly places around US$1 billion of premiums annually, making them the most successful life insurance broker in the world.  And while most of his rivals struggle to stay afloat, Lo is one of the few to always pay full freight. According to Forbes, Lo amassed an estimated personal fortune of around US$1.7 billion. Despite being supremely wealthy and successful, Lo manage to stay under the radar.


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Protected by his personal security, Lo walking into the VIP area of a French Champagne house where he dropped US$250 million. Photograph: Ming Pao Hong Kong


It was only when the Hong Kong press uncovered Lo’s visit to Champagne, France, earlier this year that the world start noticing him. It turns out that Lo is Asia’s biggest purchaser and collector of champagne. His most recent purchase was forking out US$250 million for his champagne collection.

How did Lo travel to France? In his Gulfstream G650 of course. With a list price of nearly US$65 million, you’ll have to wait for nearly four years to get one after you sign up. There are less than 20 of these extremely luxurious planes registered in Asia, and one of them is owned by Lo. Even though he does travel commercial (first class no less) every now and then, this billionaire prefers to enjoy his success in anonymity. His G650 allows him to fly without being recognised.



Calvin Lo Image

This Gulfstream G650 is on standby for its camera-shy passenger, billionaire Lo. Photograph: Oriental Daily Hong Kong

But even billionaires who consciously stay under the radar and take whatever measures to avoid the press will occasionally surface in the public eye.  In late 2017, Lo was seen dining intimately with Hong Kong actress, Bernice Liu, better known as 廖碧兒. Their romance developed and the public couldn’t get enough of it.  There is something exhilarating and romantic about a supremely wealthy CEO and a beautiful actress being together. It screams class and glamour. By all accounts, Lo and Liu make a perfect couple as they are both incredibly attractive, successful in their industry and shares the same love for wines.  All the makings of a fairytale love story coming to life.


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Lo lives a passionate and attractive lifestyle with his beautiful girlfriend Liu. Photograph: Jaynestar

The fascination of Lo is  because he is a billionaire who apprears to live a normal life just like most of us do (with varying degree of luxurious perks). He sure do enjoy the anonymity. That is why you’ve never heard of him. So no interviews. No fancy cars. No attention seeking habits, just a simple person with loads of money. And not to mention he also falls in love just like all of us.

The nouveau riche want the world to sit up and take notice. The ultra-rich have already transitioned through that moment and prefer discretion. Lo is even beyond discretion and lives his lifee in secrecy. His ability and desire to stay under the radar of the public is a signal of how really important and influential he is.


Have you heard of Calvin Lo?

*Collaborative post.

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