The Wooden Watch Trend

Many years ago, there was nothing like a wooden watch on my Style radar. I only started seeing them around a few years ago, and then I started to pay attention to the trend. I think the wooden watch trend is going to be around for a very long time, if not forever.

I find wooden watches very minimal and stylish. They speak volume in a low voice, and I love that about the watches. It does not bling bling, but it screams quality in a minimal way.

I have had my eye on some quality wooden watches for some time now, but not had the opportunity to own any. But I plan on changing that real soon. My love for quality accessories is a biggie for me, so I like to keep things fresh.

Here are a few wooden watches by Tense Watch, I am currently lusting after at the moment –

Vermont Wooden Watch

Wooden Watch Picture

This Vermont Wooden Watch from the Hybrid Collection is an amazing piece. I love the gold dial and wooden design. It is such a beauty. Although this is a men’s watch, I like it! I tend to like men’s watches more than women’s watches for some odd reason. I guess you can say, I like to have my watches looking big, bold and masculine.



Wood Watch Picture


This Hudson watch is another beautiful piece. It has a wood and metal case on a wood and metal band, and a circular face. I think it is a lovely looking everyday kind of watch. I love the walnut and silver design so much. It is also a men’s watch but I don’t care, I love it!



Wood Watch Image


This unisex Hampton watch is a true beauty. I love the simplicity of it. I also love the fact that is made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, just like all the other Tense wooden watches. They are all also hypoallergenic and adjustable in size, which is fab for people like me with tiny wrists, but would still want to rock oversized watches.

So there you have them, the 3 wooden watches I am currently lusting after now. What do you think of them? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and also please share, share, share.

Thanking you xo


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30 responses

  1. I don’t wear watches. I cant atand anything round my wrist.

    My husband loves watches though. He has a lovely collection. Think I will add to it with a wooden one for Christmas 2017

  2. Mi sa che per quanto riguarda gli orologi abbiamo proprio gli stessi gusti!!! Io indosso solo e soltanto orologi da uomo!!! Perché mi piace il contrasto del mio polso piccolissimo…..con orologi di quadrante possente 🙂 quelli che hai proposti sono stupendi…..nuovi nel loro genere….ancora da noi in Italia non se ne sono visti in giro….mi informerò :-)…….grazie sempre per le informazioni che ci dai kisses

  3. Wooden style isn’t really my thing but I wonder if my partner would like one

  4. I don’t wear a watch, but it doesn’t stop me looking at them. I really like the wood watch style and these have a different vibe to others I’ve seen. Super cool!

    Kat x

  5. Typically I don’t wear watches, but I must confess the ones you shared in this magnificent post invited me to start wearing again!

    really beautiful wooden watches.

  6. I love the 3rd one, with only the wood showing around the face and the strap, I’m also a huge fan of no numbers, which I think gives it a more modern look 🙂

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