Stress Free Shopping with Grandparents

Shopping is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy shopping in the malls when I get the time. There is something amazing about going from shop to shop, looking at the pieces and accessories in flesh. I do most of my shopping online these days, but when I have the opportunity to pop into a mall, I go for it. I recently came across the Fenetic Wellbeing website and I was on the website for some time.

I shop with my mum a lot. We both enjoy it and the kids love any activity with her around.  Plus having an extra pair of hands with the twins whilst shopping is essential. It means I get to grab every item I planned to buy in peace, and not have to deal with the kiddies alone. It also means they get to spend time with their Nan, which is a win-win for us all.


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Shopping with grandparents can sometimes be a bit of hassle for everyone involved. Especially when mobility is an issue. Which is why I am super excited to take part in this Fenetic Wellbeing Campaign. For those who have never heard of Fenetic Wellbeing, it is a mobility company who exist to provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs.

Spring time is here, which means it is finally time to spend my time outdoors. Which is why I am promoting ways elderly parents, grandparents and anyone with mobility needs can enjoy some stress free shopping.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy some stress free shopping with the grandparents this season –


Get a Mobility Scooter

If mobility is an issue, the best way to solve it is to get a good mobility scooter that would suit your needs. With a good mobility scooter, and buggies if needed, you are guaranteed to have a stress-free shopping session with the whole family happy.


Plan your day

I always like having a plan, so planning my shopping trip is important. I usually have a list of what I need to get so I don’t miss out any items. Also, I prefer large indoor shopping malls. Having all the shops under 1 roof makes it easier to move around and I don’t have to deal with the unpredictable British weather.


Go when it is quiet

I prefer shopping on weekdays in the morning when it is quiet. It is easier and quicker to move around when there are fewer people in the shops, so I target the quite times.


Make sure there are lifts available

Having lifts in the shopping malls are essential, especially with mobility scooters and buggies. I won’t bother shopping with the family in a mall with no lift.


Accessible friendly restaurants/cafes

We usually need a break midway into our shopping. Having accessible friendly restaurants/cafes available means it is easy to get in and out of a restaurant/cafe. So I make sure these are available before deciding on a shopping mall.


How do you achieve stress-free shopping?


*In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing.





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  1. Having health issues, myself and not being allowed to drive because of a neuroligical condition, my mobility scooter is a life saver. I have a larger one and it does alot of miles before it needs charging which really is a lifesaver. I can’t stand buses and it gives me freedom.

    I have had it a couple of years now. Recently my husband passed away suddenly. It’s has also given me a way of traveling about to do what is needed without having to interact with too many people as our eldest can’t be about to drive me all the time. I don’t expect it either

    I prefer online shopping. Time wise I am more of a male shopper. My husband was a female shopper and we drove each other mad so we would do our shopping separately and meet up for lunch/coffee etc

    When my youngsters were little I would relish leaving them with my mom to go out shopping

    • I am so sorry to hear about your husband passing away. I hope you are doing ok. Good you have a great mobility scooter for easy movement.

  2. These are great tips. My husband and I do these when his parents, they are in their 80s, come visit us and we need to go to the mall. It can still be a little bit stressful because now we have kids, so its 4 human beings that we need to look after. However, its always nice tl spend some time out of the home.

  3. I’m glad to learn about your participation in the campaign; that is so wonderful. And now that we all love shopping, stress-free shopping is one of the things to ensure before going out,right?
    Anyway, when it comes to shopping with grandparents, I agree that get a mobility scooter will be very important now that many can also get tired too easily from moving about the mall. As very vital too is planning and budgeting for what needs to be bought.

  4. Shopping’s a great way to spend some quality time with the Grandparents. Agree if you have the resources to get a scooter its going to make it a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

  5. I know my dad would have a hard time running around in the mall again. A mobile scooter is definitely something I would need when taking him out to a place like that shopping. And he does love going with my daughter. It’s good for both of them.

  6. My mom is 80 she doesn’t drive, and rarely shops. I sometimes wish that she was younger so my kids can hang out with her and do fun activities.

  7. Those are great tips for people who are planning to shop with their grandparents! It’s so much fun to have your grandparents with you and it would be nice to spend more time with them!

  8. These are great ideas. The problem with bringing my parents along with my kids is not really the mobility. It’s the attitude. My mother can throw a tantrum worse than my preschooler. 🙁

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