Giveaway – Win 3 Rimmel & Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello everyone. Another day, another giveaway post. This time, I have a giveaway for the makeup lovers. I am giving away these Rimmel Magnifeyes Eyeshadow Palette Spice, Sleek Divine Eye Palette A New Day and Rimmel London 12 pan eyeshadow nude edition palette. All the giveaway information are down below, but first, here is a bit more about each palette.


Rimmel Magnifeyes Eyeshadow Palette Spice

Rimmel Magnifeyes Eyeshadow Palette Spice Picture



This Rimmel Magnifeyes Eyeshadow Palette Spice has 12 gorgeous shades. The shades are high-shimmer, ultra-smooth, and made from a blendable formula to easily create endless combinations of looks with one eye palette! I really like this ALL IN ONE eyeshadow, liner, and highlighter palette.


Sleek Divine Eye Palette – A New Day

Sleek Idivine eye palette a new day picture


This Sleek Idivine Eye Palette – A New Day is a collection of stunning shades to highlight, intensify and accentuate your lids. The 12 shades are highly pigmented mineral-based eyeshadows which suit every skin tone. I like the fact that this palette can take you from day to night easily with the varied shades.


Rimmel London 12 Pan Eyeshadow Nude Edition Palette

Rimmel London 12 pan eyeshadow nude edition palette picture


This Rimmel London 12 pan eyeshadow nude edition palette is a perfect palette that can easily take you from desk to dawn. The 12 shades are very beautiful. You can easily create many looks, from striking to subtle with this gorgeous palette.


Giveaway Rules

Here are the rules of the giveaway –

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. RT this tweet.
  3. Visit my Facebook Page.
  4. How do you like to wear your eye makeup? Subtle, striking or in between? Tell me in the comments section and remember to leave your name so I can find you.


This giveaway will run for 2 weeks. It ends 22 June 2018 at 10pm. It is open to UK residents only. You have to be over 18 years to take part. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Twitter.

Good luck guys!





127 responses

  1. It really depends on how I feel or where I am going so in between really. Would absolutely love these! Thanks for the chance – @webkinny on twitter

  2. If I’m out for the night I tend to go a bit heavier on the eyes and quite smokey but for normal day I go quite light on the eyes and Foundation. @jak666 Twitter

  3. Done all the above requirements. I’m knocking in so i tend to be more subtle. i always wear dark eye shadows, mainly browns and a lighter one near eye brows if on a night out. I have blue eyes so feel brown is best colour for me x

  4. I wear a lot of make up especially around my eye so I would say its more striking then subtle…when I out in the evening I just add a bit of glitter/sparkle to the inner lids and then add lipstick too ! These palettes looks fabulous !

  5. I like a subtle look during the fay, I’m not afraid to go for a more striking look in the evening though!!

  6. I do not do subtle. I go for the 5 coats of mascara (but not false lashes) eyeliner and two colours of eyeshadow. Every day. Ever since I was about 14 and that was quite a few years ago. I go for a light colour under the brows and down to the corner of the eye and a darker on the outside. I wear a lot of browns and golds, even some peachy shades, love metallic. Sleek palettes are great especially for holiday as you cant take one box but several looks! @jilldawson42

  7. I don’t bother at all now, leave that to my daughter and niece. But when I did, subtle for work, and more rock chick for nighttime. All sultry and black eyeliner.

  8. smokey. I’ve been doing that for years. I start of light coloured at the corner of my eye , then medium brown and then dark brown or black at the outer edges. i’ve got naturally black hair, so i can handle a strong look. Lots of black liquid eyeliner too.

  9. I would probably say in between, but more towards striking, because I only really make up my eyes, they’re my best feature.

  10. I always wear winged eyeliner (liquid) and line my lower lash line with kohl, but my eyeshadow looks change. At the moment I’m wearing a blue smoky eye but I usually wear red autumnal shades. Sometimes I go for a more neutral brown and bronze smoky eye. This prize would be amazing. I’ve RT and followed as @Y_Nirvana

  11. I like subtle for the daytime but would love to be more daring with my choice of colours 🙂 @kirksinspace

  12. i love neutral colours for the day time but when i go out i love to bling up with lots of colour combinations!!! i love to look different for going out to my normal everyday wear!!

  13. I usually go for quite a subtle look, as I have a couple of nude eyeshadows, which I really enjoy wearing.

  14. Just depends on the occasion or what I’m doing if it’s date night I like something sleek and sexy but week days I don’t really wear any make up at all.

  15. I wear mine quite subtle for everyday, a bit more adventurous if I am going out, love browns and blues .x ( @jaynekelsall362 )

  16. Normally I wear subtle eye make up but if im partying I go for a bit more of a striking look. @teestannard

  17. for just everyday makeup I like to where nudes and browns, but for a night out I like black, silver and bits of pink

  18. Nudes for everyday makeup, but like to wear brighter for occasions and nights out! Would love to be a bit bolder during the day!!!

  19. I like to wear mine subtle and I love to blend different colours so you get a different looks each time

  20. I usually wear my eye makeup subtle although I have been a bit more adventurous lately, there are some fantastic palettes available

  21. I apply my eye makeup as subtle as possible, during the day and a little more striking in the evenings. @BeckyCornes

  22. I tend to wear my eye make-up as subtle as possible, during the day. I then tend to wear my eye make-up slightly more striking in the evenings.

  23. Hi I really have no idea. I have never used eye shadow before. I have spent the last month looking at tutorials on youtube, but think simple and subtle would be a good idea for my lack of skills and mature eyes. 😉 Thanks. xx

  24. Being 71 I go for the subtle route trying to enhance my eyes which seem to fade more and more as you get older!

  25. It depends what mood I’m in usually during the day I like a more natural, subtle look unless I’m feeling daring or adventurous for a more spicy or colourful look. When I go out I love a smokey eye also

  26. It would depend on the occasion really. If it’s for an event such as a party/theatre etc.. then it’s striking for normal everday wear i would opt for the subtle look 🙂 x @carameltrace

  27. I usually go for a sunkissed look with a slightly darker eye and more subtle lips – I love the colours in these eyeshadow palettes

  28. As I get older I prefer the subtle look otherwise it looks caked but I sometimes go for a more striking look for special occasions and evenings out x (Natalie Gillham)

  29. it depends on the occasion for everyday i go for a natural look but smokey or dramatic for going out

  30. I don’t generally wear much make up, so just subtle 🙂 Would love to learn how to do striking make up though lol

  31. Most of the time I prefer subtle ( its not even here) make up – every time i try something braver I look like a parrot – my twitter name : penelopa024 and fb mon bascombe

  32. I wear glasses so I try to make my eye make up a bit more striking otherwise I feel my eyes can get a bit lost behind my glasses! So I like a smoky eye, generally with browns and golds, and a winged liquid eyeliner and a good quality mascara to give my lashes a boost!

  33. I like to keep my make up subtle day to day, but occasionally dare to be striking and sometimes in between.

  34. It all depends on what im doing, where im going and who with. I like to wear make up that makes my eyes pop.

  35. It all deoends in what im doing, where im going and who with. I like to wear make up that makes my eyes pop. Xx

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