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Is travelling to different countries on your bucket list? As much as I love travelling and all the wonderful experiences it brings, I must admit that it costs a lot. But the more determined I was to travel more frequently, the more I tried to find cheaper ways to make it happen.

Of course, staying at an Airbnb, booking flights in advance and travelling during the off seasons helped me to cut back on travel expenses. However, I did come across some really nifty inside tips that made a huge difference.


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  1. Get flight alerts

What if there was something that could monitor when air fares drop? Google Flights is just the thing that gives you airfares in real-time. You also get alerts of the cheapest air tickets and get notified when the air fares drop.

Google Flights gives you the option to type in your departure and arrival and instantly know the cheapest airfare on the calendar. That way you know exactly when you can travel at a lower rate.


  1. Subscribe for an airline’s newsletter

I know how newsletters can be a huge menace in your inbox, but if you’re someone who wants to travel more at a cheaper rate then you should subscribe to an airline’s newsletter.

Usually airline newsletters give information about their flash sales, discounts, attractive deals and last-minute getaways. As a subscriber you get all those insider information that will give you the opportunity to travel cheaper.


  1. Be a regular user of an airline

Being a regular user of an airline comes with great perks. It opens you to bonuses, upgrades and waived baggage fees and excellence seat choices. All those help you save hundreds of pounds off your travel expenses and give you a better travel experience.

Is there a particular airline you keep using? Find out what opportunities are available to you now as a regular customer of that airline.



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  1. Get an airline credit card

This is for those who aren’t frequent flyers but would still like to enjoy cheaper airfares and great deals.

Some airlines offer credit cards that come with bonuses that will help you save a lot on your travel fares just by signing up. You don’t necessarily have to use the airline credit card before you can enjoy the benefits. Just having the card has its advantages.


  1. Go to non-tourist spots

Popular tourist spots are always expensive and they attract millions of people every year. But you can still enjoy the best from the country of your choice when you go to the non-tourist spots. Plus, it’s so much easier on the pocket. You can save a lot of money going to non-tourist spots. Most times such places give you a deeper experience of the country you’re thinking of travelling to.


  1. Travel on the cheapest days

Not many people know this trick but airfares are not the same every day. There are certain days in the year called the “dead week” when travelling is so much cheaper. Take advantage of those days to book your flight and save a lot from your airfare.


Do you have any travel tips to share?







41 responses

  1. I have heard changing browsers can alter the prices! I dont know if it’s true or not. As I have 3 x places I travel too, with accomadaion free at the other end with family I am continuously watching the flights and package for where we go in June.

    Great deals to be had even for long haul. Going out to our daughter for £400 return next September who is in Canada. Youngest lives in N-Z and that isn’t much more expensive (considering the distance is triple) to what it is to go too Canada

    • The changing browsers can work. I usually clear cookies or book on a different laptop when I need to.

  2. Some great tips there, sadly I am married to a teacher so our holidays are always at the most expensive time but there are still deals to be had, so it is worth trying to keep costs down

  3. I have to admit we have been covering the places we can drive to because it is just so expensive to fly. Thank you for these tips because it will make many more destinations available to us at more affordable prices.

  4. These are some fantastic travel tips!! I do love to travel frugally and see as many places as possible for as little as possible. I really need to sort out a airline credit card and save up on travel miles

    Laura x

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