My Postpartum Hair Loss Experience

I heard about how long and thick the hair becomes whilst pregnant. So that was one of the changes I was looking forward when I pregnant with the kiddies. About 3/4 months into my pregnancy, I noticed my hair was becoming longer and fuller, and I loved it. My hair was very unhealthy before I became pregnant, so I this hair growth was badly needed. But few weeks after delivery, I started experiencing hair loss. The beautiful hair I was excited about started to fall off!


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The shock of losing my hair!

I was so confused at first because I wasn’t expecting to lose the hair. The pregnancy books I read did not warn me about that, so I wasn’t prepared to see my long hair falling off in clumps. I felt helpless and annoyed. My hair was pretty much back to how it was before I conceived and I was devastated.


Postpartum hair loss.

After doing some research, I found out that postpartum hair loss is quite common. However not all women would experience this hair loss, and the experience can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Even though it is pregnancy related, losing huge clumps of hair still sucks. The term for this side effect of pregnancy and childbirth is Postpartum Alopecia, and about 90 percent of women will experience it.

Picturing 90 percent of women dealing with a form of postpartum hair loss is serious. Some cases will be most severe than others. And it makes me wonder why the hormones have to play up so much for us women. Hair loss is just one of the many changes I had to deal with after pregnancy. I also struggled with Hyperpigmentation, with my skin going many shades darker in my last trimester and staying almost that way until about a year ago.


What did I do?

I did a lot of reading and research on what to do about my hair loss. I considered having Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment done at a point. This is a treatment for those who are noticing thinning or balding hair. I also looked into various hair care products to reduce the hair loss.

After extensive research, I decided to relax and take my mind off my hair situation. I maintained a healthy lifestyle and slowly but surely my hair started to grow back. And thanks to my natural hair routine, it didn’t take too long to get my hair back to where it was before.

My hair is still a work in progress and I will be updating you in my next natural hair journey post. If you are dealing with hair loss and want to spice up your look, you could try installing hair toppers. They work great for those dealing with hair loss.




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Have you experience any form of hair loss? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.


*Collaborative post.

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  1. Oh that does not sound good. I loved my hair and nails during pregnancy, but I did not experience hair loss post-birth, even though it was not as lustrous. I did observe though that it may be connected to the pregnancy vitamins that we take during pregnancy and the extra care we take in that period (just my observation). Glad to hear it’s growing back now xx

  2. I have always suffered from hair loss, and I do remember it being worse when I was pregnant but not sure if it was the case during the postpartum phase.
    But I guess we are all a bit different in terms of reaction to hormonal change.

  3. Wow I’ve heard of this happening! It’s shocking to me how you get all this baby hair growth, then end up losing it all. So eye opening!

  4. I def had hair loss after my second kiddo! Im waiting to see if it’ll be the same with my third. So far its just become frizzy in the humiduty or rain after 32 years of being board straight… so crazy.

  5. I have psorasis on my scalp and am losing hair where it is at its worst. It is horrible and I am trying to find something that will help

  6. My hair came out in handfuls after I had my youngest three. Being pregnant for 3 consecutive years destroyed me, my hair has never recovered!

  7. I have really bad hair loss after both of my kids, yes my hair had grown faster and was fuller during pregnancy but like you said losing clumps of hair sucks! Luckily it seems to have gone back to normal now

    Laura x

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