Giveaway – Win Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

Hey peeps! I have another giveaway up for grabs! This time, I am giving away this Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer for Frizz Free Styling with Diffuser and Concentrator Attachments, 2200. It is a fantastic haircare gadget by a reliable brand. I have had Remington haircare gadgets for many years now and they are all still in good condition. And I know it is a well respected beauty brand worldwide.

The Remington brand has been helping people get ready all over the world for over 75 years. I have a Remington Hair Straightener and it does the job on my hair extensions when I need it to. It is one of the most reliable hair gadgets I have. Which is why I am giving away this Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer.



Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer picture


The rules of this giveaway are simple –


Giveaway Rules
  1. Retweet this tweet.
  2. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube Channel.
  3. Leave me a comment telling me what your number 1 haircare tip and why you would like to win this Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer. Remember to include your Twitter name in the comment box, so I can find you easily.


The giveaway is open to UK residents only. You have to be over 18 years to take part in this competition. It will run for 2 weeks, and the end date is 3rd July at 11pm. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Twitter, so make sure you leave me your Twitter name so I know where to find you. The selected winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize once contacted or risk losing the prize.

I will be hosting more giveaways in the next few weeks, so keep reading Fashion and Style Police. I promise it will be worth your while.

Thanks for entering and good luck everyone.


96 responses

  1. Twitter sallyc06. My best tip is never ever go to bed with wet hair, you will look and feel awful the next day

  2. 1/ My no 1 hair care tip: when you shower and you put your conditioner on, comb it through your hair and wrap your hair in a towel wrap whilst you finish showering. This helps keep warmth around your hair and conditions it better. Rinse out when you have finished showering.

    Also treat your hair once a week with a hair treatment, for maximum hair care, and wrap in a warm head towel. Rinse off last before getting out of the shower.

    2/ I would like to win because my hair could do with a new ”Hair Raising” experience

    3/ Twitter handle: @kefkat12

  3. Alway tip your head upside down to start drying hair, this adds body to the roots where it’s needed. I’d love this hairdryer as I agree about Remington being a really good, reliable brand and its definitely an improvement on my old one!! @elainesavage400

  4. @greenukhouse I only wash my hair once or twice a week otherwise my hair gets really greasy if washed too much. I rotate 3 different shampoos so my hair always feels soft and shiny. I would love a new hairdryer as have had mine for 36 years and I think it is about time I upgraded to a better model.

  5. Murtle42. Let your hair dry naturally before using hairdryer for the final dry and style . I’d love an ionic dryer to keep my frizz at bay especially in this humid weather

  6. @beachrambler on Twitter. Treat your hair very gently when it is wet as it is at it’s most fragile – use a wide toothed comb or a Tangleteaser to untangle it when wet.

  7. present for my daughter who is caring for a new hair cut and colour.
    Don`t set fire to your head ,does your hair no good

  8. @ktcoventry I would love to win so I can style my hair more. My top tip is to use coconut oil as a deep conditioner every couple of weeks

  9. dont use really hot water and try not to towel wet hair dry, I would love an ionic hairdrier as I never seem to have time to dry my hair with my old drier, coupled with the remington name, I know its going to be a cracker

  10. I don’t have a tip. I do wash it every day. I’d love this hairdryer as I often get fizzy hair with mine. @clairewoods32

  11. I really need to have a new hairdryer as my old one can overheat. My hair tip is to deep condition once a week x

  12. My tip is to use a serum before combing your wet hair. I need a hair dryer as mine is on its last legs.

  13. My number 1 tip is to do a final rinse of your hair with cold water – it gives it a lovely shine! I’d love to win as I haven’t used a hairdryer in years and haven’t got one, but it’s time to be less lazy and dry my hair nicely!

  14. My number 1 haircare tip is to use a heat protect spray regularly! I’ve recently had 5 inches of my hair cut off from a lack of protection on my hair before styling.

    My hairdryer is so old and naff, this one looks amazing. I’d be so thrilled if I was chosen!

    Twitter- jessleighswiftx
    Instagram- jess_and_girls

  15. I use an intensive leave in conditioner a few times a week to make my hair nice and soft and this hairdryer would be more gentle for my hair than my current one
    twitter @kimneville2

  16. Don’t stick to the same shampoo and conditioner. Your hair gets used to it. My hairdresser advised me to swop and change at least every 4 weeks. I have a 4 different brands in my bathroom cabinet that I simply rotate.

    I’d love to update my old faithful Remington hairdryer with this latest model. I’ve been using Remington for years and I know that they’re a brand that I can trust.

  17. Twitter: @aligiraffe Sounds obvious but make sure you use the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair type. I’d love to win this as I currently use an old travel hair dryer as my main one broke.(someone borrowed it & returned it broken!)

  18. I leave conditioner on my hair for a few hours at least once a week as it helps the condition of my hair! These would be fab for me, the ones I have are about 20 years old, but still work!!

  19. Never sit in the sun without putting conditioner on your hair first to limit the sun damage. I would like to win as my hairdryer is old and needs replacing. Twitter handle @emstargally

  20. I would love to win this for my partner Claire who needs a new one. Thanks for the great prize and competition.

  21. Always use a good quality conditioner. I would love to win this hairdryer because it would be such a treat compared to using my old dryer!

  22. I wash my hair only twice a week and I’ve found that’s in much better condition than when I washed it daily. I’d love this hair dryer because I trust Remington products to look after my hair by minimising heat damage.

  23. @lorraineharry2 I use argon oil to stop the frizz. So with this and the conditioning hair dryer it should keep my hair sleek and straight.

  24. I use the “Curly Girl Method” which means that I don’t use any sulphates or sillicones on my hair. I therefore only wash my hair with sillicone free conditioner – NO shampoo. It’s transformed my hair regime.

  25. i dont use any product on my hair just a really good condition keeps it under control for me.
    i would love to win this because mine is broken
    twitter and Instagram name @anniefandango_

  26. Dry your hair using a dryer – don’t let it dry naturally. Mine always goes frizzy and dry like straw if I do this. I’d love to win this as I haven’t treated myself to a new one in about 10 years.

  27. My top tip is always conditioner. Do not skimp on conditioners and do you research about ingredients. I absolutely loved my last Remington hair dryer – I had it from the beginning of uni (7 years ago!) until a few months ago until it finally died. @RB_C2

  28. @kaingii. If you have colored hair always use shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for it. Would love this conditioning hair dryer to help keep my long thick hair under control!

  29. Don’t wash everyday and condition only when needed I only ever use baby shampoo on my hair and it’s always nice and shiney I’d love to win this wonderful prize my hairdryer is nearly as old as me and that sounds old

  30. @cakereev – use a hair mask once a week, cover your hair with a shower cap or warm towel and leave on for as long as possible, overnight if you can.

  31. dont wash your hair daily as this can take too many of the natural oils out of your hair, I would love to win this to replace the hairdryer I have had for years

  32. dont wahh your hair every day as this can reduce the natural oils that your hair produces , I would love to win this to replace my old hairdryer that I have had for years , twitter is @moonlightlady2

  33. A decent haircut and leave in conditioner. I’d love this. My hairdryer is so god damn heavy it gives me arm ache @linziloop( IG) @linzilyn (TW)

  34. I’d love to win this for my daughter who loves to style her hair and has learnt that heat protective serum should always be applied to hair before heat styling tools are used. @nataliegillham

  35. @stephcrimes My haircare tip is to always use a heat defense serum or spray before blow drying.

  36. My top tip is to apply a few drops of almond oil to your hands and stroke over your hair. I’d love to win this iconic dryer for frizz free drying and styling! This is all I need!

  37. When its warmer weather try a leave in conditioner to keep your hair in great condition 🙂 @Highlandgirl

  38. My hair tip is to always leave your conditioner in for at least three minutes, I always find this leaves my hair super soft and frizz free and if you (like me) are bothered with some frizz use a hair serum it works wonders!
    I am retweeting and following on twitter – @lindsey855
    Following instagram – @lindseystuart85 and am already subscribing on youtube – Lindsey Stuart
    Super exciting giveaway 🙂

  39. @jeanettel1979 my number 1 haircare tip is not too wash to often as all the natural oils will be washed out and your hair will be much more drier . Drink plenty of water to

  40. dont over wash hair evey 2nd day is enough,would love to win this as my hairdryer is years old and doesn’t work very well

  41. @riverroad21 my top haircare tip is to use heat protection spray. I’d love the hairdryer as my mum stole mine

  42. Always wear a hat when out in the sun as it plays havoc with your hair. I would love to win this dryer because I have frizzy hair and it sounds as though it would help avoid the FRIZZ

  43. I would love to win this for my partner who could use a new one. There are plenty of great shampoos and conditioners out there, so make sure you are using ones specifically for your hair type (or your hair problems!). @AdrianEBold

  44. My number one haircare tip is to use henna (or cassia if you don’t want colour) on your hair. It has made my hair so much stronger and shinier. @MeganSR2

  45. @geoffroy3843 @MerylTh58711232 Don’t use conditioner on your scalp, make sure you use it on your hair. I would like to win this as my husband keeps stealing my hair dryer

  46. I would love to win because i am dicing with death whenever i turn my current hairdryer on it looks like its ready to give up!
    My hair care tip is to use a nice soft bristled brush when it’s wet x

  47. I use Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer before I shampoo & condition, & also a styling mousse before putting hair into medium velcro rollers. @Quackerjill on Twitter. IG – @carollynda1 Youtube Carol Pattrick

  48. @mysterymoosifer on Twitter. My number 1 hair tip is Argan oil spray- it’s amazing and leaves such a glossy shiny finish.

  49. Regular trims keep style in tip top shape. I would love to win as really need a quality hair dryer @krog007

  50. @paulapantaloons Have RT’d and am following all accounts. I use a fantastic sun protection spray for my hair to stop my bleached highlights drying out. Before swimming I always wet my hair in the shower first to stop it soaking up all the chlorine x

  51. Give your hair a final rinse with cold water to add shine. I would love a new hairdryer, mine is very old and is soo heavy it hurts my arm. @MrsSylviaP

  52. My haircare tip is to do a little warm coconut oil massage before you wash your hair! it really helps to get nourishing locks!
    I would love this because I’m currently using my travel hair dryer and its rather any, Thank you.

    twitter @hackettlady

  53. Always use heat protection. I’d love to win this hairdryer as mine is really old and not very good

  54. Always use a good conditioner, would be thrilled to win this dryer, because i just dont own one @tobyjoshlucy

  55. I use a bit of coconut oil in my hair, I find it helps with eczema so I use it on my daughter’s hair too. We’d share this hairdryer, we both think it looks lush! (IG cupcakemumma Twitter midgesmum01)

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