The Best of 80s Fashion in my Wardrobe

I was born in the 1980s so it comes as no surprise that I am a huge fan of the fashion from back then. There’s something so fascinating about the 80s fashion. It was a stylish decade of bold styles, colours and patterns. Which is why it is still one of the most eclectic decades in fashion till date. There’s a lot of 80s fashion in our pieces and accessories today, and I am here for them all.

Here are some of the ways I am enjoying the best of the 80s fashion in my style world today –



A Power Suit

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A power suit always works! I have many jumpsuits in my wardrobe and they always do the work! Power suits were a big fashion statement in the 1980s, and it comes as no surprise to see that they are still on trend today. You can slay easily when you find the right suit for your body shape.


Polka Dots


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I love polka dots and I can see why I do! It is from the 80s! The photo above is from an old outfit post (I bet you can tell) but I still have that polka dot dress. It is one of my favourite polka dot dresses in my wardrobe. I adding polka dot pieces and accessories to my collection. They are always so pretty and stylish.



Tweed and Fishnet Tights

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So there are 2 big pieces from the 80s fashion in this outfit. The tweed blazer and the fishnet tights. Tweed was also a big fashion statement in the 80s. I love a good tweed jacket. It always works and looks so posh. This is my current favourite tweed piece and I always enjoy styling it. The fishnet tights are super pretty. I love wearing them when it isn’t too cold.


High Waist Jeans

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The legendary Tina Turner made the High Waist Jeans so cool! She wore them jeans so well. I have a soft spot for high waist jeans now thanks to her. They remind me of the 80s fashion and how amazing it was back then.


What do you think of these 80s fashion trends? Are you a fan of any of them? Were you born in the 80s? Let’s chat. Drop a comment in the comments section below.

You can read about the 60s fashion if that is more up your fashion alley. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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  1. 80’s fashion is definitely in and I’m loving these looks. If you’re interested in checking out other fashion/beauty posts feel free to check out my blog

  2. I was in my 20s then and heading for being knee deep in nappies and toddlers for many years. It was a fun generation in the late stage of all the changes the 60s baby boomers and 70s children started. Everything was moving on so quick as the high street was starting to boom in the 80s.

    The likes of next were so expensive back then. Not today though.

    There was lots of colour around in the 60s/70s which I loved and still do along with the 80s too. The 70s were more bizarre though I think and cringeworthy when I look back at some of the clothing

    I was thinking of the big shoulder pads which Dallas and Dynasty showcased so much too in the 80s as I read your post.

    My outfits back then were mainly jeans and tops. Yes I love the high waisted too. Tina Turner was and still is “Simply the Best” 😉

    • Yes Tina Turner is an amazing woman indeed! I still remember the big shoulder pads. I didn’t like that part of the 80s fashion. I can believe Next was so expensive back then. That is so interesting to know. Thanks Carol.

  3. 80’s is one of the best times really.. Just like your clothes.. You are carrying them nicely! Great job!

  4. Born in the 60s, I grew up during the 70s, and 80s and wore these fashions when they were the NEW fad! LOL It’s always fun to see that my closet is full of cool clothes again.

  5. I was a child of the 80’s and loved fish net stockings and tights in high school. I haven’t seen them this season though. I also had a few neon color wardrobe staples 😂

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