How to show your appreciation for your loved ones from afar

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Right now, the whole world is going through a tough time. Since Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, we have all been put on lockdown, meaning that we have been unable to travel to see our loved ones – no matter whether they live in the same town or a completely different country. One way we can all make this process easier is by being kind to one another and showing each other how much we care. If you haven’t yet gone out of your way to let your family or friends know that you are thinking about them, here are some things you can consider doing to show how much you appreciate the special people in your life.

Share daily positive news

Do you have friends that are anxious during this time? If so, why not send them examples of good news stories that can help to take their minds off the negative situation? The Happy Newspaper was created to celebrate all that’s good in the world, so go ahead and call your friend up to share some lovely stories that you’ve read – it’ll make you both feel better.

Send tasty treats

If one of your loved ones has to spend their birthday in lockdown, don’t forget to send them a sweet treat such as some delicious toffee to let them know that you’ve remembered their special day.

Encourage them to stay active

Exercise helps to clear the mind, and that is particularly important when many of us are sat home worrying every day. If you have completed any feel-good fitness sessions recently, such as high intensity online classes from the likes of Joe Wicks on YouTube, forward the link on to your friends and family, so that they can try it out too. After they have done their first session, they’ll feel re-energised, and ready to do another one the following day!

Plan group calls

Do you have friends all over the world that you haven’t seen in months? Then why not arrange a group video call? During lockdown, many people have been getting together virtually, creating their own quizzes and taking part in fun activities such as charades. It’s the perfect way to unwind and forget about everything that is going on in the world for the evening.

How have you been showing your appreciation for your loved ones during this time?

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  1. Being a longterm member of a 12 step fellowship, as you know Stella, we in over 180 in the world with 4500 meetings a week in The U.K alone have moved all of our meetings online, so we are still playing our part.

    I’m face timing, Zoom and Skype with various friends and family too. To have a pandemic is horrendous however even looking back 10 years we wouldnt have had the online facilities to do all we are.

    The universe has provided the majority of our needs are met whilst reminding us we are not the masters. I firmly believe in spiritual laws. This pandemic has been in the making years

    I still can’t wait to see my hairdresser though. Had to colour it myself but cutting it I’m not. Stay safe and well

    • Good to know the meetings have now moved online. I miss my hairdresser but I am learning to care for my hair more and more everyday. Stay safe xx

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