Goodbye Fast Fashion! Back to Slow Fashion!

If this pandemic has taught us one thing related to fashion, it is that we don’t need half of the clothes we have in our wardrobes. With many people working from home and spending more indoors, clothes are just left in the wardrobes unworn. I really can’t remember the last time I really played dress up. It would have been something during the first half of the year before everything changed. I still don’t know when I will have a good reason to play dress up. Maybe just for the cameras, but definitely not for an event. I believe we have witnessed the death of fast fashion, at least for the next few years. It is now back to slow fashion.

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What is slow fashion?

Going back to slow fashion simply means buying fewer clothes and accessories. This has been happening gradually over the years for most of us, but it is currently happening even more due to the current economic issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fashion industry has a major waste issue. Many people buy more clothes and accessories than they need. Most of the items bought are hardly worn and just stay buried in wardrobes. Going back to slow fashion will put an end to this fashion waste. People will only buy what they need and make the most of what they do buy. There will be way more capsule wardrobes and conscious shoppers. In the long run, this change in shopping will help the environment massively and people will become more creative with their outfits. You can wear pieces in many different ways; going back to slow fashion will encourage more people to play around with their outfits more and recreate different looks.

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I am keen to see how this slow fashion new way of life will work. It is great to be able to wear our pieces as often as possible in different ways than to just keep buying and buying. I believe those fast fashion days are gone for a bit. What do you think?

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  1. I hope so too aa well as agree with you. Long may it last. I would be glad to see it gone for good.

    I know businesses would go but there is always an up and down side to everything.

    Covid19 has been natures way of stepping in and saying enough is enough.

    This leads to the subject of the universal wage I think coming into existence world wide quicker than expected. It has been resisted.

    I can’t see any choice than to bring that forward has more is done by automation, waste and high street businesses are redefined and close.

  2. I’m learning to be a more intentional and sustainable shopper and with all the clothes I currently own, Recently I only shop my closet. Getting more clothes isn’t cutting it anymore.πŸ™‚

  3. I can definitely relate to this. I’ve had the same few outfits on rotation since working from home and havent bought new clothes in over 4 months! I’ve seen a lot of peoples approach toward shopping has changed too.

  4. I liked this before I even read it (because of the title)

    I decided to stop supporting fast fashion a while ago and to switch to second hand or small businesses. It comes with such a lovely feeling as well!

    Gooooood-bye fast fashion!!! and all your problems you come with!


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  8. Such an amazing blog!!It’s so inspiring watching you grow.. Keep sharing and inspiring. Also, I have recently started my Sustainable journey and would love to share it with you as is the linkΒ 

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  10. I’ve always loved fashion but more as a way of feeling good & self expression than following new trends every new season. This would be amazing if more people just collected matching things they like over time to build a wardrobe that is 100% personal πŸ˜€

  11. I absoutely agree that fast fashion is finally fading away and we are all either forced to stop excesive spenditure due to economic reasons or we learn that the fashion industry is SUCH a huge polluter. Anything we can do to stop that is welcome. And great outfit by the way.

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  14. Great to see many people talking about slow fashion. The global pandemic has really shone a light on damage the fast fashion industry has had on developing countries, workers, women and the wider environment. Hopefully consumers are changing their buying habits for the better. πŸ™‚

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