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One of the charities I am supporting this month is Rethink Mental Health. Our mental health is so important, especially now with all the new lockdown restrictions we are now experiencing. Many people are isolated in their homes and it is hard. We need to remember to pay attention to our mental health as much if not more than our physical health. A healthy mind is needed to combat the chaos going on in the world and this is why charities like Rethink Mental Health are so important.

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Rethink Mental Health focuses on improving the lives of people experiencing a mental illness through their network of local groups and services, expert information and successful campaigning. The goal of the charity is to make sure everyone affected by severe mental illness has a good quality of life.

Many people think mental illness happens to only a certain type of people and not as common, but that is so not true. The truth is one in four people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, and no one is immune to mental illness. Taking care of your mental health is a daily job and it is not something anyone should take for granted.

Rethink Mental Health Vision and Impact

Our vision is for equality, rights, fair treatment, and maximum quality of life for all those affected by mental illness, their carers, family, and friends. As one of the largest charitable providers of services for people living with mental illness, we are well placed to make a direct impact on the care people receive.

But we have a much larger vision too! Our vision is to transform at every level the way our nation approaches mental illness. Every year, our diverse range of information and support helps tens of thousands of people get through crises, live independently, and feel that they do not have to face mental illness alone.

You can support Rethink Mental Health by donating here or becoming a volunteer.

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