Loving Your Garden, For A Few More Weeks Of Summer

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We’re finally letting loose the bonds of lockdowns and for some of us at least, this has meant something of a relatively “normal” summer. (Whatever that means), and then just in time, we’re starting to cool down in time for the autumn and then the longer British winter sets in.  We hope that you’ve found ways to love and appreciate your garden during lockdown and to make sure that you squeeze the last precious few drops of summer from your garden, we’re going to take a look at a few cool ideas to help you do exactly that.

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Even as the warm and balmy summer days start to give way for shorter days and cooler nights, there are still some fabulous garden parties to be had.  If you’re thinking of doing some adult entertaining, then nighttime dinner parties or cocktail evenings are still perfect ways to live a little outdoors.  It’s not that cold yet and with some soft, fluffy blankets placed in easy to reach places, gorgeous garden lighting to create unique and interesting spots and a cocktail menu that features spicy concoctions, you can still squeeze some classy entertaining out of your garden.  If you’re planning on hosting a party with kids, then pick afternoons where there’s still a chance of some decent sunshine and playtime.


It is easy to think that with the onset of the autumn that that means a solid goodbye to any animal life, but if you happen to live outside the cities and in more “towny” or rural locations, then this is a wonderful time to set up a bird feeder or two and start welcoming all sorts of birdsong into your garden in the mornings. You’ll catch some migrating birds and you might even spot a hedgehog or two.  


The change of season brings a change of style also and with longer nights and shorter days, you can start playing around with solar lanterns, hanging chairs and patio cushions made from textured fabrics that reflect the colours of autumn.  Rust, orange, dark red, brown and just a splash of white or blue will create focus points in your garden and invite quiet cuddles or solitary book reading moments.


It is also time to prepare your garden for the seasonal change too.  Tidy up the hedges and get stuck into your lawn, rake away any leftover shrubbery or moss and start collecting falling leaves to make a leaf mould later on.  It’s also a good time to check all of your garden equipment and machinery before packing them away and if your machinery needs fixing, don’t put it off until next year, do it now.  So when you’re ready to reinvigorate your garden after the winter, you’ll be good to go.  Remember to check your mowers and other equipment for parts or broken accessories.  Mastercraft replacement parts are available from AppliancePartsPros.com.

We love our gardens in Britain and the change of season is no excuse to get lazy, there are still fabulous parties and get-togethers to be had and many wonderful memories, to be made.


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