A selection of Art Deco design and decor ideas for your home

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A selection of Art Deco design and decor ideas for your home picture

 It’s common for people to want to change up a space or completely revamp the overall look and feel of their homes on occasions, be it every few months or every few years. Freshening up your environment can make your home feel new but also improve your mood, alongside a whole host of other emotions. One such look which is a go-to option for millions of people and celebrities alike is the traditional Art Deco style which was particularly popular in the 1920s, ’30s, and ‘40s.

 Art Deco, or Arts Décoratifs in full, is a style that is associated with geometric patterns, bold colours, symmetrical designs, metallic finishes, extreme detailing, and other designs which essentially create a visually pleasing look. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, the iconic style is featured in fashion circles and even comes to life in the Deco Diamonds slot game too, a title which was designed with the Art Deco style of the 1920s in mind. It’s in the home where it’s arguably best suited, though, with some interior Art Deco delights being relatively easy to obtain or even create for yourself. It’s a style that can really change the appearance of a home, in particular, enabling you to give your 21st-century space a taste of the early days.

 With that in mind, below is a look at a selection of Art Deco designs and decor ideas for your home.

 Go glam with the lighting

 A sure-fire way of adding a sprinkling of Art Deco into a space is with the lighting. A way in which you can really maximise the lights in your house is by adding a geometric mirror into a room, therefore allowing a space to shine throughout the day and potentially creating the illusion of a full chandelier.

 Arch designs are popular

A rounded-top shape, be it in mirrors or windows, is a major element in Art Deco style. With that in mind, make sure you look to incorporate as many rounded-top shapes into your home as you’d like. Bathrooms, in particular, commonly feature a whole host of Art Deco-inspired rounded-top shapes which can really bring that classic feel into a home.

Creating symmetry is key

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 Shapes, quite clearly, play an important role in Art Deco, which is why creating symmetry is a major element to consider when creating an Art Deco-filled room. From the mirrors used to the headboard on your bed, the composition is crucial here. Make sure everything flows well.

 Mix patterns

Instead of adding fresh tiles to your home, consider bringing some old ones back to life with a good scrub and some polish. Of course, you need to be living in a home with original tiling in the first place, but if you do, then be sure to keep it and freshen it up to your standards. Whether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen floor, keep any patterns visible wherever possible. Patterns help contribute to the Art Deco feel considerably.

 Consider adding brass elements

 Brass elements can really add a touch of class to a room, particularly if incorporated into a chair design or through light fixtures and various cabinet designs too. These types of designs don’t need to be expensive either and can elevate a room to another level with a stylish twist.

 Geometric shapes are your friend

Arches aren’t the only thing associated with an Art Deco look. In fact, geometric shapes are commonly used in Art Design designs also, with subtle additions such as in the shape of a bed headboard adding some geometric shapes to a room.


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