6 Tips For Finding The Best Hats For People With Big Heads

A hat is a head covering that serves many purposes. It protects your head from the sun and rain, keeps your hair tucked when working in the food industry, protects your head from unsafe elements when working in a high-risk facility. They are worn in many ceremonial traditions and, of course, worn to make a statement and elevate your fashion style.  

Not all hats are the same. Each hat style complements a particular personality, fashion genre, and face shape. What’s particularly daunting with buying a hat is that not many stores carry all sizes, and more often than not, most stores have a one-size tag. And there aren’t many fashion brands that have a variety of hat styles, sizes, and colors.  

Buying a hat is not similar to buying a shirt that when you say you’re large, it will fit you to a T. Even if you have a big head and you get a large-sized hat, the fit may not be as snug or might be overly tight and uncomfortable because the shape of each person’s head is not the same.   

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When viewed from above, a person’s head must be slightly wider at the back than the front, quite similar to an egg. An ideal head shape should be 20% longer than wide, but not everyone’s head is like that. With race alone, one’s head shape can be different. And as an infant grows, the shape of the head varies. The way one sleeps, what they eat, and the external factors that might contribute to the change in form, like an accident or an illness.  

Many people with large heads find it unnerving to buy a hat, but here are some tips to help you out:

  • Get Handmade  Ones

Nothing could be easier than having a hat custom-made for you. However large your head is, or even if it has an uneven shape, a made-to-order hat will always fit you perfectly. Apart from that, you can choose whatever style you want, the material you favor, and whatever color you feel like having. If you’re going to check out exceptionally crafted handmade hats, visit American Hat Makers.

  • Wear Hats With Adjustable Straps

If you have a large head, you might want to get a hat that has an adjustable strap. Most baseball caps have plastic snapbacks in three different size options. In contrast, others have an adjustable buckle closure and Velcro straps so that you can make adjustments depending on the size of your head. You can find a wide variety of hats on https://matohash.com/collections/custom-snapback-hats and similar sites, so you should be able to find a hat that fits you no matter how big your head is!

  •  Wear A Hat That Stretches

People with large heads are often conscious of it and prefer to hide it. Wearing a hat that stretches but is still fashionable could be the solution for you. A beanie is the best headgear to wear if you have a large head. The stretchy material conforms to the shape of your head and may conceal uneven curves. Today, many beanies come in attractive colors. Aside from the usual wool material, beanies are now made in dri-fit, acrylic, cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester hemp, and even Kevlar.  

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  • Try A NewsBoy Cap

A newsboy cap, also called a flat cap, became popular in Northern England in the 14th century and back then was called a bonnet. The cap has a rounded top and a stiff front brim. The round top conceals your large head and focuses on your face. Many celebrities in 2021 are wearing newsboy hats and trotting social media fashionably with them.  

  • Wear Wide-brimmed Hats

Hats with wide brims are recommended for people with big heads. Wide-brim hats are sun hats, top hats, cowboy hats, and fedora. People with large heads wear wide-brim hats because they give the illusion that their heads are more diminutive.  

  • Measure The Size Of Your Head Before Going Out To Shop For Hats

The average size of hats for women has a circumference that ranges from 20.47 to 22.83 inches or 52-58 centimeters. A large women’s hat has 22.8 to 23.6 inches, while extra-large is 23.6 to 24.4  

Meanwhile, the average men’s hat size has a circumference range of 21.5 to 23 inches.  A large men’s hat measures 22 5/8 to 23 inches, while extra-large is 23 1/2 to 23 7/8.  

Before going out to shop for hats, make sure to measure your head to have an easier time asking for sizes to fit from sales attendants. The sales representatives of hats are very knowledgeable of these facts and will help you out quickly.


Shopping for hats should not stress you out, and having a large head should not stop you from wearing a hat style that you like. Finding a hat maker who specializes in handcrafted hats is always the best option for you.  


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