Where to get free stock photos for your blog posts

Sometimes it can be tricky to get the right photos to complement your blog posts. Stock photos are a lot easier to find these days unlike when I started Fashion and Style Police over nine years ago. Back then in 2019, I had to take the majority of photos myself, and it was also really hard to find photos of women that look like me.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. It is a lot easier to find great free stock photos online. There are some amazing websites that have been set up to provide great images for those who need them. If you are in need of great free stock photos for your blog posts, you are reading the right blog. Here are some amazing websites you can check out today.

Where to get free stock photos for your blog posts

These are my top three websites to get free stock photos today –

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This is one of my favourite stock photos websites. I use it a lot to get photos for my clients as well as for the blog here. There are thousands of photos to choose from on Pexels. You can easily find photos you need by using the search box on the website. I always easily find the stock photos I need on Pexels and they are also royalty free which is an added bonus. Pexels is a great resource.


This is another great resource for stunning photos. The images are also royalty free and there are so many options to choose from on Pixabay. You don’t need an account to grab stock photos on Pixabay. Finding the right stock photo for your blog post is as easy as using the search box.


Unsplash is known on the web for its freely-usable images. It is a handy website to have bookmarked for when you need the right stock photo to complement your amazing blog post. I use Unsplash quite regularly and I almost always find the right image on there.

Where do you get your stock images from?

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