How to Style Your Little Black Dress with Kids Earrings?

*Collaborative post.

A little black dress is captivating and can stand out all alone. But you can make the dress a notch up by styling it with kids’ earrings. Fashion is something you can easily make on your own and show off your personality in the way you dress. So, even if you are stepping out in your basic LBD, ensure it reflects the type of person you are.

In most cases, you can use different accessories to change the formality level and style of your little black dress. And that’s why it is crucial to give your earring selection the thought it deserves.

When it is about matching a little black dress, just about anything works! But here are some ideas to instantly amplify your LBD look with kids’ earrings.

How to Style Your Little Black Dress with Kids Earrings image

Make It Look Stylish

Put in some effort to up your fashion game when you dress up in an LBD. You can make your basic little black dress appear uber stylish with a beautiful pearl earring, some pop of color on the lips, soft curls in your hair, and the right neckpiece to show off your plunging neckline. Be it a chunky earring or loose hair bun; ensure stepping out in style with your LBD on.

Choose Minimalism

Most of the time, you end up overdoing an outfit in trying to style it too much. Want to keep your appearance simple but trendy? Pair your little black dress with small stud earrings, stunning stilettos, and nude makeup, and opt for a loose bun.

Look Graceful

Choose something simple like a pair of disc drop earrings or baroque pearl earrings. These are minimal, dainty, and modern and will render you a graceful appearance in your LBD. Putting on a layered, fine-chain necklace will be the usual choice for a simple and chic look.

When doing so, layer baby necklaces of varying lengths and accompany them with thin, delicate kids’ earrings and bracelets.

Bring in Some Drama: Accessorize Your LBD with Diamond Earrings

Your little black dress is ideal for showcasing your earrings in sparkling diamonds. The idea here is to go small but without understating your appearance. Depending on the occasion, choose to accessorize your LBD with simple solitaire or fashion studs or beautiful dangle or drop style earrings.

Make sure to choose diamond earrings that draw the eyes upwards to your face while adding sparkle to your smile simultaneously. Diamond earrings will let you shine and change the feel of your little black dress. Try experimenting with different styles of diamond earrings to get the look that suits you best.

Keep It Classic with Gold Earrings

Dressing your LBD in classic gold earrings will also make you look beautiful. Earrings in cool white, blushing rose gold, and warm yellow hues all work together to create a glamorous appearance.


One of the greatest things about a little black dress is its versatility. You can have great fun with your kid’s earrings as you do not need to worry about matching a specific dress color. Just consider the occasion and mix and match varied options to understand what works for your style and body type.

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