4 Reasons You Should Include Argan Oil in Your Skincare Routine

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A Natural Means of Keeping Healthy Skin

Argan oil has quite a few different health benefits depending on how it is used. In this writing, we’ll briefly explore four ways argan oil operates in a natural, healthy way to enhance your skin. We’ll focus on external use, rather than potential health benefits related to actually ingesting this natural substance.

Since it can be used nutritionally and as an external beautification option, be careful you buy the right stuff when you’re thinking about using it for purposes of skin enhancement.

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1. Balancing Sebum Production

One of the best uses for Argan oil involves treating skin that tends to be oily. One of the reasons argan oil is good for oily skin has to do with sebum. Argan oil is defined as “non-comedogenic”, which is a fancy scientific term meaning it, essentially, helps balance your body’s production of sebum.

For dry skin, Argan oil promotes hydration. Additionally, inflammation and acne can be treated, we’ll discuss that next.

2. Argan Oil is Anti-Inflammatory

As an anti-inflammatory option, there’s little better than argan oil. Essentially, the regular application helps give your skin the compounds necessary for healthy repair and growth, which in turn lead to a reduction in scar tissue, dark spots, and other unsightly things impacting skin health.

3. Some Studies Show Argan Oil Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

A study listed how argan oil can play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease. This is because argan oil encourages healthy cholesterol, and discourages unhealthy cholesterol. Primarily this is related to the ingestion of argan oil, however, skin does absorb some substances in a way that can produce internal nutrition.

4. Treatment and Preventative Measures for Stretch Marks

This NIH article shows how Argan oil can be used to help treat stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Additionally, such options can be used for stretch marks that aren’t related to pregnancy at all. If you’ve gained or lost substantial amounts of weight, argan oil is a good way of helping your skin look normal again.

There are different options for therapy and beatification, but generally, the move is: to use argan oil on a regular basis across your body. Its anti-inflammatory processes work to reduce and help eliminate stretch marks. Argan oil isn’t your only option to reduce such inflammation, but it’s one of the best owing to natural ingredients and known benefits.

Essentially, this is an option that’s been used in Morocco for thousands of years. Evidence suggests it was first used for health purposes as far back as 1,200 BC. That’s a 3,000+ year tradition. Provided you get argan that has been naturally sourced and bottled, you’re using a tried-and-true tradition that has deep tradition behind it, demonstrating clear effectiveness.

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Naturally Healthy, Vibrant Skin

Treating and preventing stretch marks is a key way argan oil can act as a health option in addition to its beatification properties. There’s additional evidence that argan oil reduces heart disease, that it is anti-inflammatory, and that it balances sebum production in ways reducing how oily skin is.

Altogether, argan oil is a fine health supplement for internal or external use that’s known to be safe. Maybe give it a try.

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