How to Determine the Skin Type you Have

When it comes to your skin, it is crucial to ensure you create a personalised skincare routine that would suit your skin. There is no one-size-fits-all skincare. Whether you’re trying to build a skincare regime or curate a makeup stash, knowing your skin type would do a lot of good, especially when choosing products and ingredients best suited for your skin needs.

In this post, we explore the different skin types and share simple methods for discovering your unique skin type from the comfort of your home.

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Understanding the Different Skin Types

There are five basic skin types: Dry, Oily, normal, combination and sensitive. It is important to note that skin types are primarily determined by genetics and are not the same as skin conditions. Let’s do a quick rundown of each of these skin types;

1.   Dry Skin

Dry skin describes a skin type characterised by a dull and flaky appearance. Although pores are unnoticeable, people with dry skin typically notice fine lines and a feeling of tightness on their face, mainly because dry skin produces less oil compared to normal skin.

2.   Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterised by excessive sebum production, usually resulting in the skin looking shiny and greasy throughout the Tzone area with enlarged pores.

3.   Normal Skin

A normal skin type is one that is not too dry nor too oily. It can best be described as a well-balanced skin. People with normal skin typically have a radiant appearance and a smooth and even texture without visible pores.

4.   Combination Skin

A combination skin type is one with parts ( the T-zone area) that are oily and other parts that are dry(cheeks).

5.   Sensitive Skin

Also, sensitive skin is usually referred to as a skin type; it is possible to have sensitive, dry skin and also sensitive oily skin. This skin type is usually prone to external irritants and may appear reddish, itchy or dry when irritated.

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How to Identify Your Skin Type

Discover the skin type you have through any of these methods;

1.   The Wash Test

This method involves watching how your skin looks and feels after a wash.

  • Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and pat your face dry with a clean towel.
  • Wait for 20 minutes without applying any skincare product.
  • If your skin looks dry and feels tight, you have a dry skin
  • If your face has a shiny appearance throughout, you have oily skin
  • If only your t-zone area appears shiny, you have combination skin
  • If your skin is hydrated and comfortable, you have normal skin.
2.   The Blotting Sheet Method

Alternatively, you can discover your skin type by pressing a blotting paper onto your skin.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry, and wait 30 minutes.
  • Press the blotting paper onto various areas of your face and hold to see the oil marking
  • If the blotting paper is soaked with oil from all areas of your face, you have oily skin
  • If you see little to no oil, you have dry skin
  • If the blotting paper absorbed oil from your t-zone area, you probably would have a combination skin
  • If there’s minimal oil from every area of your face, you have normal skin.

Discovering the skin type you have is not rocket science. With any of these simple methods, you can find out your skin type and learn how to better care for it

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