5 Fashion Rules to Break

When it comes to fashion, it’s generally said that there are no rules. However, we can all agree that certain fashion stereotypes have become standards. While some of the standards might be outdated, others might not align with your personal style. The good news is that it’s OK to break some fashion rules.

In this blog post, we will share five fashion rules to break. Let’s begin!

5 Fashion Rules to Break

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Do not mix print

Contrary to this highly revered standard, we’ve seen mixed prints fast becoming a trend in the fashion community. From floral with stripes to animal skins and polka dots, mixed prints set the pace for elevated fashion styles.

Here are some beginner-friendly tips when working with patterns;

  • Start by exploring basic prints like polka dots and stripes. Pairing them with a bolder print would be a great way to start.
  • Pay attention to your colour schemes. If you’re going to wear a vibrant colour, balance it out with something darker
  • Incorporate patterned accessories into your everyday look.
Neutrals don’t go together

Neutrals are the most versatile piece of clothing. Unlike vibrant colours, neutrals like black, white and brown are staples if you’re going for the clean girl aesthetics.

When done correctly, pairing neutrals like black and brown or white and navy blue can give a chic and elevated look. Some combinations you can explore include camel and grey, grey, blue and black.

Remember to pay attention to the colour contrast so you don’t end up looking dull and bland.

Stick with one jewellery type

It’s time to debunk the long-standing style faux pas of not wearing gold and silver jewellery together! When paired correctly, these accessories can make you look classy and coordinated.

You can start by incorporating mixed metal jewellry or rose gold accessories to give you the best of both worlds.

Provided it makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, explore away!

Tall women should stick to flats

Just like every other woman, tall women can and should wear heels. It’s all about debunking stereotypes here.

Tall women are known to look more elevated and stylish with heels on. All you need to do is find the perfect heel size that fits and complements your look.

Remember, your comfort is a priority.

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Petite women shouldn’t wear Maxi Dresses

When it comes to petite women wearing maxi dresses, there’s usually a lot going on.

We’ve got good news for you. You can pull off a maxi dress if you’re short and petite, and here’s how:

  • Maxi dresses with puffed sleeves elongate your body and make you appear taller.
  • Pairing your flowy dress with a belt helps detail your figure and cinch you in.
  • Don’t forget to show some skin. Whether it’s a v-neckline or a dress above your ankle, this would ensure that you do not appear swamped in the clothes.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and when there are “rules” that can deter this, we’re permitting you to break them!

Stay beautiful, explore your style and always remember— there are no rules when it comes to your style.



What I am binge watching on Netflix

There are so many amazing series and movies to watch on Netflix. I am not a TV person but when I do have the time and I am in the mood, I like to binge watch interesting series and movies. My watch list on Netflix is forever growing! There are just so many shows to watch, I wonder if I would ever get round to watching them all. Here is a short list of what I am watching on Netflix –

What I am watching on Netflix Picture

African Queens Njinga

I have watched a couple of episodes already and I am really enjoying this series. It is quite informative and very interesting. I love discovering other cultures and their histories, and Africa Queens Ninga is defintely worth watch if you are interested in African cultures and history. Plus, the cast are very talented and amazing to watch. Have you seen this series?

Workin’ Moms

The new series of Workin’ Moms is on Netflix and I have seen a few episodes of it. I need to get back into it. The cast are funny as usual with their storylines. If you want a quick laugh, Workin’ Moms is the comedy series to watch. Do you agree?

Virgin River

This is anther series I need to get back into. I have seen a few episodes of the new season of Virgin River but I got distracted and abandoned it. It is worth watching if you enjoyed the previous seasons, but I find this latest season a bit slow and difficult to get into, but will give it another shot. Are you a fan of Virgin River?

You Don’t Know Me

I finished this series yesterday and it was a good watch. I enjoyed the suspense and the cast delivered. This series was quite easy to watch, I finished it in a few days. I wonder how it really ended for the ‘Hero’ and which ending was the right one? Definitely worth watching, if you haven’t done so already.

Angela Black

Angela Black is another interesting series to watch on Netflix. I recently finished the series and I found it very entertaining. I liked the ending and the fact that Angela got some justice for what happened to her. This series is another one to watch for sure.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Have you watched any of these series on Netflix? pPlease sound off in the comments section, let’s chat!

Five Elements of a Great Blog Post

Writing a great blog post is not as easy as it sounds. It can be a challenge because the tone of your writing has to be both informative and engaging. You want to inform your audience without boring them and getting that balance requires a level of finesse which will be addressed in this article. 

Whether you are writing a movie review blog or a personal diary blog, these are some elements of a great blog post that you should take into consideration when writing your next blog post.

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  • Headline/Title

After coming up with a good content topic for your blog, you must put on your creative cap and think of a way to give the post an eye-catching title/headline, because the title of your blog post is the first thing your potential readers notice. If the title doesn’t attract their attention, they won’t read it, no matter how well the content is written. 

For instance, instead of saying; ‘Five Ways to Use ChatGPT’, it’s more interesting to say; ‘Don’t Use ChatGPT for Articles, Use it for these Five Things Instead’. Be creative with your titles.

  • Meta Description 

Meta descriptions, also called a meta description attribute or tag, are 160-character snippets which summarises a web page’s content. Search engines usually display these snippets in search results so online visitors know what to expect on a page.

  • Call To Action

Call To Action is necessary in blog posts because it leads your readers to take action after they’re done reading. CTAs helps tell your readers what you’d like them to do next. Visit your social media pages? Check out your sale? Subscribe to your newsletter? Share their thoughts in the comments section? They won’t do it unless you ask.

A CTA shouldn’t just be at the end of your post. You can put one at the middle of your post and another after the last paragraph of your blog post. 

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  • Images

Due to the short attention span of the average reader, using images is an effective way to keep your readers engaged for as long as possible. 

You can’t just take any image from the Internet and put it on your blog post, some companies charge you a fee to use their images. Before you take images from the Internet, find out whether you’re legally allowed to use them on your blog.

Also, adding alt tags to your images describes the content of an image, which not only helps visually impaired users understand your images but also gives search engines more context about your content.

  • Engaging and Well Optimised Content

Writing engaging content is crucial for optimizing your blog posts for SEO because search engines prioritise informative and useful content, so it’s essential to deliver value to your readers.

Blog SEO involves adding keywords to your content, improving page loading speed, internal linking, etc.

Also, using subheadings, bullet points and lists in your blog post can be extremely beneficial to your readers and search engines.





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