8000 Blog Followers


This post is dedicated to my 8000 followers, who took the time to subscribe to Fashion and Style Police,  either by subscribing via email, following on WordPress, liking my Facebook Page and following me on Twitter. You guys make my day with your likes and comments. I never in a million years thought Fashion and Style Police could have this large following in just over two years. I didn’t think my little corner in the blogosphere would make any difference but you all have proved it does make a difference.

I promise to this blog updated regularly with juicy fashion and beauty posts. I have so many new series I am currently working on so be on the lookout for them.  Enjoy the rest of your week and many thanks again.

* My followers are now over 9000 since the last 24 hours. It is getting crazy now especially with the Facebook likes. I am speechless but so thankful. Let’s countdown to 10k shall we.


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