What is the Proper Attire for a Banquet

Sometimes, figuring out the attire when invited to a banquet becomes problematic. Banquets can be formal or informal. To choose the appropriate attire for a banquet, one must know how formal the invitation is. At times, dress codes are also mentioned with the banquet invitation which makes it quite easier to choose the attire.

It is better to pay some attention while considering the attire rather than wearing the wrong thing and getting embarrassed. The theme of the occasion and the formality of the function can best describe what should be worn. Terani Couture’s banquet dresses can help you in taking this decision if you put forward the details of the occasion in front of them.

On different occasions, many people will match different accessories. Small accessories can add extra points to clothes and matching, and give you different attributes on different occasions. Such as brooches, lapel pins, etc.

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Here are some banquet-style tips you may find handy –

Formal Banquet

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A lot of hard work and efforts are put into organising a formal banquet so one must show some respect by dressing according to the event. You can also ask the host for guidance if you are unsure about what the term ‘formal’ means. Let the season, invitation and hours be your guide to dress up. For formal banquets, men can choose to wear any black or any other dark-coloured suit along with conservative accessories. Black or white bow tie can give any formal attire a complete look.

Men should avoid wearing khakis, white jackets and polo shirts. For women, the most appropriate formal banquet attire can be any dark-coloured gown. But they can also go for any black dress or skirt of cocktail length along with suitable accessories. Women can accessorise them by adding heels, dazzling clutch and swaying earrings. Flat sandals, maxi dresses and pantsuits are a big no for formal banquets.

Semi-formal Banquet

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Choosing a semi-formal attire is a bit tricky, as it is a step down from formal attire but quite formal if compared with casual attire. Among all dress codes, semi-formal is the most confusing one. Men can wear any dark-coloured suit paired up with a light-coloured shirt. Tie is optional when it comes to semi-formal dress code. Leather shoes will be the best match for this dress code. Women can go for any dress or pantsuit that comes in a dressy fabric like silk or satin. The best length for such events is a little above the knee. On such occasions, women can wear flat sandals and fashion jewellery. Women have a lot of variety in semi-formal attire.


Informal Banquet


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Any casual attire is acceptable in these informal banquets. Men can go for polo shirts, jeans, khakis, sports coats or any nice t-shirts. They can pair up the dress with loafers or trainers. Depending on the season or occasion, men can also go for wearing a blazer or sweat shirt. Women can go for any nice shirt paired with skirts or jeans. They can also wear some short dress with frills or bows. They can choose any flat leather shoes along with the accessories that suit the dress and occasion. Just remember that being too loud will not look good when it comes to wearing the right attire for a banquet.


What are your thoughts on these style tips? Do you have any tips for picking the right attire for a banquet? Please do share in the comments section below. Please share this post on social media as well.

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