Beauty Muse – Katy Perry

The beautiful pop star – Katy Perry is the Beauty Muse of the week and she deserves the slot; she is a true beauty.


This talented singer is all versions of beautiful. I love her sparkly eyes, spotless skin and her charming smile. Her makeup is always flawless and she goes for looks that suit her best. This woman inspires me to do great things when I am applying my makeup.


This current face of Cover Girl dished out some beauty tricks and tips when speaking with Byrdie, here is a quote from the interview:

“One of my little tricks is just doing lots and lots of mascara,” she explains. “I’m [a sucker] for lash extensions these days. It’s really fun to wake up feeling Bambi-ish and fresh. I’ve had extensions for, like, five years, and then I dye my brows when I’m getting my extensions done. Then, I use Covergirl pencil and powder for my brows, lots of mascara, and that’s it. Shading is so great, especially because some of my weight in between stuff shows up on my face. That’s where you first lose weight; it falls off your face. Until then, if you want to enjoy life, just get a little shade out, and contour your weight out of your face. Jake also does this thing where he takes a credit card and puts it behind my lashes when applying mascara to my lashes-it lifts them up. He’s so good at the glowy stuff, too-he adds it in my Cupid’s bow, to open up the lip, and also down your nose. It makes your nose a little smaller; Marilyn Monroe used to do it.”

Beauty Muse Katy Perry

I agree with her beauty tips and tricks. Applying coats of mascara opens the eyes and does wonders to the face. Another beauty essential Katy swears by is Eye Drops! They help her fight jetlags and help her look and feel awake. Great tip. I will be trying that when next I feel like going back to bed.


Katy Perry


What do you think of Katy Perry has a Beauty Muse? Do you have any tried and tested beauty tip to share? Sound off in the comment section pls. Thanks for reading.





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