How to Create the Biker Chic Look

Rocking the biker chic look can be tricky, but once you nail it, it looks so effortlessly chic. It is one spring/summer look I really enjoy styling. I am seriously looking forward to rocking the look later this year. The biker chic look is one look that I never see going out of style. It has been around for donkey years, and always looks good.

It is easily achieved with some stylish leather and denim pieces and accessories. Here are the 3 key pieces/accessories you would be needing to create the biker chic look.


Biker Jacket

biker jacket image


The easiest way to get the biker chic look is to style a leather biker jacket. A good brand to shop for leather jackets is Belstaff. The brand stocks amazing leather pieces, it is definitely worth having a look on their website.

This MOLLISON 3.0 in Ash Rose Soft Vintage Suede piece above is a great biker chic piece from Belstaff. This stunning leather jacket is produced in luxuriously soft pink suede, and has a clean, streamlined design complete with channel quilting on the shoulders.


Leather Boots

Leather boots image


I am a huge fan of leather boots. I have quite a few and would be lost without them. Leather boots help achieve a great biker chic look. It makes sense to pay a tiny bit more in order to get the right set of leather boots. Black or brown leather boots is to best for the biker look. There are many affordable brands to shop for quality boots, so it makes sense to shop around for bargains.


Denim Jacket


Denim Picture




Black, grey or blue denim works great in creating the perfect biker chic look. You could swap a leather jacket for a denim jacket if you prefer a more subtle look.

The more distressed the denim, the better. My style tip here is to avoid wearing too many denim pieces at the same time to avoid looking trashy.

So if you have never rocked the biker chic look and are thinking of rocking it, go for it! You may just fall in love with the look.

What do you think of this biker chic look? Are you a fan of the look? Please share in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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