What I Did on my Birthday

It was my birthday last weekend. I have started exploring the thirties and am loving it. The annoying cold I had didn’t allow me enjoy my birthday as much as I would have loved too, but I am made the most of the day as the Birthday Girl.


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What I Did on my Birthday

My birthday started off with a bit of rain and snow, which I called showers of blessings. I had the privilege of watching the snow fall from the comfort of my bedroom window.




After watching the snow fall for sometime, I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for my big day. Then it was time to cut the cake and get some photos taken. The kiddies had to join in the fun of course. I really liked my birthday cake. It was so yummy and looked so good! Happy the baker got the design I had in my head.


Cake picture

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I am not much of a sweet tooth, so I rather go all out on cakes, chocolates and the sweet foodies. That is the reason why I went for an extra small cake. Besides we had a lot of cake over the Christmas period. There was no room for more.

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I spent the rest of the day with the family. We had a yummy lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Did a bit of shopping and enjoyed the rest of the day indoors. It was a different kind of birthday. It was very chilled and relaxed, thanks to me not feeling so good, but I enjoyed it.

Bday Girl Picture

What I did on my birthday image


I will be showing off my full birthday outfit in the next post. Have a lovely Saturday.



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