Fashion and Style Police Interviews Gary Scales – Director of Nothing Clothing Company

So I interviewed Gary Scales; director of Nothing Clothing Company, and we had a lot to talk about. For those who do not know, Nothing Clothing Company is a fashion company born out of a vision to use popular culture, fashion, and events to give back to those in need. This fashion company gives a lot back to the society; it supports many charities and hospices, and even some families in need of help.

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1. Can you tell me more about Nothing Clothing Company?
How long have you got? Ha-Ha. Right first and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to dive in and explore my new brand. Nothing Clothing Company is born of my vision to use popular culture such as fashion and events to support, enrich and inspire. It has been designed in a way like no other brand before it – in that we really do care about our name. It is why we are called NOTHING.
It is hard to pigeon-hole what we do as the nothing brand itself is very diversified. We already support many charities, community groups and hospices and have very big plans for many others. Feel free to see for more details
Nothing Clothing is a very new brand. In fact we are less than one year old and already causing a bit of a storm amongst many of our celebrity followers. Most brands will tell you that it is very important to show off who you are and constantly hit you with a barrage of paid celebrity endorsements and flashy adverts. This is where we are different. In fact we challenge celebrities, film stars and sporting heroes to earn the right to wear us!
Earn the right?
Yes we will never pay for celebrities to wear nothing clothing, nor we will we ever just casually give our stuff away. The right to wear us must be earned by tweeting, mentioning or featuring us on TV. In other words anything that helps us drive this new movement forward and allowing us to enrich the lives of others. This means that when you see us being worn that person truly cares, and that celebrity regardless of status has taken the time to support our worthy causes.

Nothing is a more than a brand. It is a vehicle of inspiration and enrichment that helps everybody that comes across us. From our very strong inspirational brand message to our customers wearing us, our ethos is solid. When you wear Nothing Clothing and see yourself in the mirror, we want you to feel pride. We want you to feel the heartbeat of a small child’s life you could have helped save. We want to feel the achievement of a person overcoming a learning difficulty. This is the nothing difference.


Nothing Clothing Company


2. What made you decide to create Nothing Clothing Company?

I have worked in retail and clothing for many years and have always wondered why despite clothing manufacture being fairly cheap, that nobody has really harnessed the power behind fashion. More importantly, Nothing is my way of giving back. I was a fairly successful young businessman with a chain of stores almost immediately leaving school. I became somebody I wasn’t, I was young and stupid and became very arrogant. To cut a long story short I lost everything and a few friends along the way. During this time I had lots of other things going on in my family life and I was about as low as a person could get. I decided from this moment on that I would do things only to be proud of doing it and to never be motivated by money again. In fact I wanted to go and do aid work but wars and terrorism stopped me in my tracks. I needed another way to explore this new-found me, and figured if it could help me, inspire me to dust myself off, and get back on that horse – I too could inspire others.

Better still whilst I am inspiring others what if I could create something that they too could be proud of being a part of. What if I could create a new movement that whilst still being a super cool thing and in as they say – that I could do some seriously good things with it. I get that fashion is a cut throat industry, but this ain’t just about clothes. This is giving someone the ability to succeed , the feeling of pride and self-worth, and allowing others to use my platform to further themselves.


3. Since you started, how have you found the very competitive world of the fashion industry?
Fashion is incredibly competitive and ever-changing. For anybody wanting to start out in this industry you need to do one very important thing before any design is even in your head. Of course we would love to see somebody wearing something we have created, but why would they want to wear it?  What is different about your particular item? What is your story?
This last part many people get wrong and think that by inventing themselves as a super-duper fashion designer, that they are immediately a hit. A story has to be REAL and I cannot stress this enough. You will see many a brand come and go and some may make some money in the process, but these are not around for long. Fashion itself is a bit of a beast as it highly decided by class and the ability to have what others can’t. It is in essence a way of portraying your ability to be something else. Of course we feel pretty good when we buy a new outfit but I can guarantee that we are thinking this bit grabs my body nice so that I will look better than him/her.
Although Nothing is marketed as high fashion but without the ridiculous prices we find ourselves in the pit with some giant names in the fashion industry. We struggle for ad space in certain publications and it can be very daunting. The difference with us is that we are creating our own people. We are targeting those that have a genuine care for others. Those that have lost people, others that are suffering with diseases such as Cancer etc. I really am not bothered about having the most floor space or spending thousands on flashy ads and our customers are slowly growing to respect this.

 Nothing Clothing Company



4. What are your plans for the future?

I have some major plans for Nothing Clothing in the future and I hope to inspire millions in the process. You may notice on our website that we are already featuring fashions designed by Cancer sufferers. This is to be extended ten-fold as we add loads more and hopefully enable these guys to earn lots of money for their causes and of course gain awareness in the process.
We are working with celebrities to build entire fashion lines and tour merchandise all with same back-bone of incorporating our donation amounts for our charities. All of a sudden tour merchandise looks cool, shows affinity to your idols, but now gives back!
Nothing Clothing Company in your town! – Look out for exciting news on this very soon, but get ready to see us everywhere and we mean EVERYWHERE 🙂  We will be educating, inspiring and enriching the whole of the UK and further afield.  You may even see us on Britain’s Got Talent! and lots of other TV bits 🙂
Annnnd finally if we still have time somewhere in the crazy schedule of 2016 we will be in your night clubs and universities with freebies. We are on your streets educating gangs and look our for pop up shops appearing in your hospitals 🙂
Nothing Clothing Company [Session 2] 222
5. Having gone through my blog, what do you think of Fashion and Style Police?
The blog is fantastic! I think it is very important that people can gain impartial information about the latest fashion and trends. As you stated earlier fashion is a very complex thing and it is easy to be led by huge ad campaigns to buy things that we never really intended too. Your blog is a great go-to point to really get to grips with a brand and understand a brands products and story.

From a brand perspective it is an invaluable tool. To be able reach out and really interact with your readers is something special that standard advertising cannot do. A blog is a community enrichment tool and everyone that frequents it is like a member of an extended family – This is a very valuable asset to many companies. It is even more important for me as I get to really open up about Nothing Clothing Company. I get to share my passion and what drives the whole process with your readers and hopefully have them join me on my journey of changing tomorrow.
Better still, I get to see my vision coming alive once more as fantastic people like you Stella cover my brand, and allow me to really demonstrate how we are different. Just by performing this simple association, Fashion and Style Police can stand proud that although indirect, it is indeed enriching and supporting others. As we grow we take all of you guys with us. The view is lovely from the top – but it’s crappy if you have no one to share it with.

I look forward to having you guys joining our journey. “It is not who we are, or who we can be, but what we do!”




I hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much I enjoyed chatting with Gary. Nothing Clothing Company looks like a force to reckon with in the fashion industry and I see the brand being around for a very long time. I can’t wait to see all what they have in store for us.

Gary and the team are offering you guys £5 off every item on the site (link above), using FASHSTYLEPOLICE5 at checkout. This code is valid from today, 30 November to 15 January 2016. Happy shopping.





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