Making Sense Of British Culture As A Visitor

If you recently arrive in the UK and you are trying to understand how to fit in better, it might at first seem as though you have a lot of work to do, with regards to the British Culture. There are many aspects of any culture which you will need to try and understand if you are keen to fit in well. And it’s hardly surprising that it will usually take some time to get it down pat. However, by focusing on a few key areas in particular, you should be able to ensure that you find it easier to fit in. And so enjoy your time in Britain all the more – whether you are only staying temporarily, or hoping to remain in the long term.


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Even though many people around the world speak English, the truth is that the English which is spoken in one place might well differ profoundly from the English spoken in the language’s motherland. Add to that the fact that even in Britain the language is forever changing, and you can appreciate just how hard it can be to learn how to speak the Brit’s version of modern-day English. If you take a look at this article on 10 Bizarre English Sayings and What They Mean, you will start to see how some of the lesser-known proverbs can easily trip you up. The best advice here is really just to pay close attention to what people are saying, and in time you will find you pick it up. You might even choose to take an evening course in English, especially if your English is currently not quite up to scratch.



One of the first things that many visitors remark on is the strange and unique sense of humour which the British people tend to have. In one sense, this is something that Brits are known for all over the world, and it can be infamously difficult to try to understand why they find certain things funny. Essentially, there is an undercurrent of sarcasm in almost all of the British humour. This is often twinged with an element of dry wit too. It might take some time to learn how to be funny in the British way – but in the meantime, just try to enjoy it. And don’t be surprised if one or two things sound a little strange.


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Much is said about the British ability to queue, and actually it does turn out to be true that most Brits are concerned with proper queueing technique. Sometimes, a cliche really does fit in with the reality, and this is one of those times. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself committing a queueing sin while you are still getting used to the culture. And try not to be put off if someone chastises you for it. All visitors will find they have to go through this period of difficulty before it becomes second nature to them.

All in all, you should find Britain to be a welcoming and diverse land full of possibilities. In time, you should feel able to feel perfectly at home in these Isles.

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