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As more and more of the world goes online, it has become even more important to create and maintain an online for your business. Gone are the days of trying to run a successful business without the big wide web. Since having your business online is so important, it is worth paying attention to all the details to ensure it is a success especially when you have a new product to sell.

As a business owner myself, I understand how important it is to get a new product or service right. The last thing any business needs is to waste money and time on products and services that do not serve the purpose they were created for. This is where UX/UI designs come in, and companies like Make it Clear provides a UX/UI design service that helps organisations rebuild or redesign a product from scratch.

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UX/UI Design Principles

When it comes to creating a new product for your business, it is essential to stick to the main UI UX design principles which are as follows:

Meet the user’s need

Now, this is the first and the most principle. It is important products are created to meet the user’s need. There is no point in creating or designing a product that does not serve its purpose. UX/UI design agencies like Make it Clear ensure that products designed meet the needs of the target market, which is why it makes sense to hire a reputable digital agency to achieve this principle.


It is so important to ensure your product is easily accessible to as many people as possible. The last thing you would want for your business is to have the right product and for it to not be readily accessible to some groups.


The quality of your product should be consistent so it is easy to recognise. You want your design to follow the right standards and use consistent concepts all through the process in other to create a general look and feel of the product. Consistency is key especially when it comes to digital solutions.

Simple design

As with many things, less is more, so do ensure you keep your designs simple and functional. You don’t want to spend valuable resources going overboard on a product that would only distract the users. Keep things simple, and stick to a minimalistic design.

Provide straightforward guidance

If you are anything like me then you would dislike reading manuals when you get a new product. I am too impatient to read manuals, so I like to play around with it until I figure out how the product works. Sometimes, I get really frustrated and use a search engine to find some guidance. I only ever use a manual when everything else fails and when I do, I like it straightforward. No one really has the time these to go through an entire booklet to find out how a new gadget works. So ensure whatever leaflet or guidance you provide for your product is straightforward

Are you a business owner? What do you think of these UI UX design principles?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you want to succeed as a business owner, you would most likely need a blog alongside your website and social media platforms. Regardless of what people say, blogs still get read, and SEO helps businesses flourish. Although many things are evolving, every business still needs a blog. Having a website alone is never enough; you need a platform that is 100% yours and that would allow you directly communicate with your audience online.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog
  • A blog keeps your target market informed

One of the most important reasons for having a business blog is to keep your target market informed. A blog gives business owners opportunities to share regular updates, communicate with their audience, and keep them in the loop of what is happening with the business. Many business owners may choose to share timely content on their social media platforms and may not understand the importance of having a blog, but a social media platform is an extension of your business, it is not yours. A blog on the other hand is your business and it allows you to directly communicate with your audience as often as you desire.

  •  It attracts organic traffic

Having a business blog is a smart way to run a business. An article can easily go viral with a bit of luck and the right SEO tips, which could quickly generate extra income for the business. It could also bring in more customers so there is really no reason not to have a blog as a business owner. The more content you create on your blog, the more visibility, and the more opportunities to come up on search engines, and increase organic traffic.

  • A blog helps you grow your email database

The more content you create on your blog, the more opportunities you have to grow your email database. The email subscribers may be customers already but running a weekly blog for example will keep your business name at the top of their minds. Regular blog posts will also help draw in more email subscribers that could end up being customers, so it is a win-win.

  • It allows businesses to communicate with their customers

A business blog creates the opportunity to communicate with customers. Businesses can easily get feedback from their customers through their blog posts. It easily creates a two-way communication channel with the online audiences, and lots of feedback can be gotten this way.

  • A blog helps you grow your online presence

Running a business blog makes it easier to grow an online presence for your business. It is faster to increase your social media presence when you have regular quality content to share on your business pages. Blogging as a business is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. The more interesting and engaging your blog posts, the faster your social media platforms would grow, and the more online and offline attention your business would get.


Do you have a business blog? How do you keep your audience engaged?


5 Important Checks When Recruiting Staff

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Before hiring an employee, it’s worth carrying out a few pre employment checks. Such checks can help to provide evidence that a candidate is right for the role and that they’re not hiding any information from you. Below are 5 of the most important checks to consider when recruiting staff. 

Proof of citizenship/visa

It’s important that a candidate has legal documentation to prove that they can work in your country. If a candidate doesn’t have citizenship or a working visa and they are caught working for your company, the two of you could get into a lot of trouble. Ask all applicants to bring a passport/ visa documentation to the interview so that you can check it. You can also check a job applicant’s right to work online.

A criminal background check

You should check whether employees have a criminal background before hiring them. You can do this by applying for a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. If a candidate has a criminal record, it is up to whether you hire them. Certain offences may be forgivable. Others may be less so – especially in certain roles (in jobs that involve working with kids, most employers take a zero tolerance approach to any criminal record).

Health screening

Health conditions may prevent some candidates from being able to carry out certain roles. A pre employment medical check can be worth carrying out to make sure that an applicant is fit to carry out the role. You don’t want to hire someone to take on a physically exertive role if they have major respiratory issues or a heart condition as they could end up killing themselves on the job. Make sure they have no health conditions that put them at high risk of an injury (this isn’t an excuse to discriminate against all health conditions – be realistic about the risk). 

Past employer references

References from past employers can be valuable. If a candidate claims to have experience working for a certain company, a reference can serve as proof to this claim. It can also show that the candidate left the company on good terms enough to receive a recommendation from the employer. A reference doesn’t have to just be from an employer – it could be from a high-ranking colleague or even a past client. Just make sure that it’s from someone credible.

Online behaviour

Many employers now like to research candidates online to determine just what type of person they are. There are a few red flags that are worth looking out for. Firstly, you should take great caution if an applicant seems to have no online presence at all – it could be a sign that they’re hiding their true identity. If the applicant has social media accounts, you should consider what type of content they’re posting here. Obviously, you don’t want to hire someone who is regularly going on racist rants or bad mouthing past employers. Ideally, there should be a semi-professional tone to their social media accounts and they should come across amicable. A strong social media following is a plus as it could show they’re an influencer.


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