Passion For Fashion? Why Not Make It Your Career?

Do you have a passion for fashion? The fashion industry is huge – impacts our lives every day. It’s an exciting, glamorous and creative industry to work in, which is why it has a lot of appeal.


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That being said, fashion is a competitive area to find work, and if you want to enjoy a successful fashion career – you’re going to have to work hard. If you love fashion and want to enjoy working in an industry that means something to you then you should go for it. Take a look at some tips on how to get started in the fashion industry below.


Decide the area you want to work in

The fashion industry has a broad range of career options. From design to PR to buying – there are all sorts of job types to suit different skills and interests. Think about the type of area you’d like to specialise in and work out a plan on what it will take to get there. Some job types might need a career or vocational training, others might require a different set of skills altogether.


Make the most of different opportunities

When it comes to dazzling potential employers, you need to actively demonstrate that you’re interested in the fashion industry. Start at the beginning and learn about retail through retail apprenticeships with and find out everything about the industry. Meanwhile, volunteer to work on local fashion shows and events and ask companies for work experience or shadowing opportunities. Putting yourself out there and saying yes to all sorts of possibilities can make you some great contacts that could benefit you as you look for a job in the industry.


Indulge your passion

How can you stand out in the fashion industry? By showing off your passion and creativity. Many people looking to work in fashion start blogging, showing off their style and eye for good trends, or even just sharing their fashion photography. Starting a blog can be a good way to show your credentials off to potential employers, or it could lead you in a completely different direction where you work for yourself. Another thing you can do is to attend industry events and fashion shows – get a feel for the industry and spend time networking to help you make the most of potential opportunities.

Be persistent

The fashion industry can be a tough one to break into, but that doesn’t mean you should give up easily. Persistence is key in fashion, and when one door closes another could open. Ask for feedback after interviews and applications and talk to people with experience about how they got their break. You can always work in other areas in the meantime while you hunt for opportunities.


With a career in fashion, you can be sure of working in an ever-changing, exciting industry where no two days are the same. While the work is tough, the results are rewarding and it can be a great opportunity for you to do something you really love. Do you have that passion for fashion? Make it a career and turn your job into your passion too.

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