How to Make your Legs Appear Longer

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It’s natural to grow a bit envious of ladies who have legs that seem to go on and on. There’s nothing as physically attractive as long legs in my eyes. They make you look elegant and almost every outfit seems to suit them better than others. I can understand how frustrating it is to wear lovely outfits only for your legs to look short. Sometimes the type of figure you may have, like a long torso and short legs, can make the outfits you wear emphasize the shortness of your legs.
However, with some tweaking and smart choices you can sport longer legs. Of course, after a certain age you won’t be able to grow any taller, but there are some style tricks that will make you look like you have legs that go for miles.
1.    Tuck your tops in
How you wear your tops can affect the length of your legs. A long top will make your torso look longer and your legs shorter. When you tuck your top into your trousers or skirts, it shortens your torso and lengthens your legs. To accentuate this effect, wear a jacket over your top. This will clearly define the length of your legs.
2.    Wear a single coloured outfit
Monochrome is not only stylish; it also helps to give you an elongated silhouette. When you wear outfits in one colour it gives the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are. The length of your torso and legs seem to merge together giving that elongated look. This effect is strengthened when you go for darker shades.
3.    Opt for the right kind of shoes
Obviously, wearing high heels will help you look taller. But choosing the right pair of shoes will make your legs appear naturally longer. Go for shoes that have the same colour as your skin when you can. This will make your leg and foot look as if they connect, which makes your legs appear longer. Different coloured shoes create a visible line and show where your leg ends.
4.    Opt for vertical details
Patters have an interesting effect on the eyes. Depending on the type of pattern, our eyes tend to follow patterns. To make your legs appear longer, opt for vertical patterns, piping or straight creases. Their eyes will naturally follow the vertical lines and that makes your legs look longer. Striped trousers, skirts or dresses achieve this effect perfectly.
5.    Go for bottoms with high waists
The length of your legs is determined from where your waist begins. One of the ways to elongate your legs is to create the illusion that your waistline is higher than it actually is. Wear trousers or skirts with high waistlines. This will make your legs appear longer.
The beauty in these style tricks is that you can mix and match them to strengthen the appearance of long legs. For example, when wearing a top and trousers of the same colour, tuck your top in and wear a jacket over it. Or wear a skirt with vertical details and nude coloured heels that match the colour of your skin. Play around with various combinations with these tips in mind until you find the looks you like.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to add?

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