How to add Wow to your business without packing up and moving

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Having your clients visit your office is a great way to connect with them and make a lasting impression. Your client’s first impression of your office can make or break your future working relationship with them, therefore it’s important to impress.

You’ve worked hard to gain your clients, so it’s essential that you deliver on their expectations and more in order to keep them. When it comes to impressing your clients, however, there’s no need to up and move office. Here are some ways you can add the wow factor to your business.


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Always have a clean and tidy office

It might go without saying but maintaining a clean and tidy office space is an obvious way to impress office visitors. A dirty or unhygienic office could make clients disappear, as well as give your business a bad rep. So, it’s important to keep your office clean at all times, including desktops, bathrooms and kitchen areas.

However, a tidy office goes beyond cleaning. Is the paint of the walls chipped? Are tatty, outdated magazines left around your lobby? The visual aspects of your office are just as important to creating a welcoming and impressive environment, therefore, you should keep on top of your office’s appearance and make sure it looks fresh.


Make the visit personalised

When it comes to your clients, you want to make them feel valued. If you have an appointment arranged with a client, adding personal touches can go a long way. For example,thebalancesmb.comrecommends displaying a lobby board that welcomes your visitor the moment they arrive.

Employees should also be aware of visitors coming into the office and give a warm welcome to guests. You want to communicate to your client that they are valued within your business, so it’s important to be consistent.


Offer self-serve refreshments          

Another way to impress clients is by offering them high quality refreshments and snacks. Invest in a coffee machine and water cooler that your visitors can use and serve themselves whilst they wait. Have fresh fruit or healthy snacks on display for clients too.

For any existing clients, you can use your past experiences to personalise their experience further and provide them with refreshments you know they like, such as a green tea. This observation shows clients you care about them and provides an added touch to their experience.


Recognise the importance of a receptionist

First impressions are important when it comes to winning business. A receptionist plays an important role in how your organisation is perceived by visitors and are often a first point of contact.

However, as a smaller business, you might not have a receptionist in place. In fact, you might not even have a “professional” office. There’s no need to fear though, as having a Virtual Office in London allows your business to simply book an office or meeting room without having to rent physical space. This is a great way to wow clients and give a good impression of your business, all the while being cost-effective.


4 Benefits of Glass Partition Walls in Your Office

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The idea of installing glass partition walls in offices is debatable. While it can be viewed from different perspectives, the truth is that the whole idea presents some advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, if the pros outweigh the cons, then it means this is a worthy option to incorporate into your construction plans. Here are a few reasons confirming that installing glass partition walls in your office is a wise decision with irrefutable benefits:

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1) Improved Productivity

Installing glass partitions in offices is an elusive concept. However, one thing is for sure; glass partition walls enhance productivity at the workplace. Constructing glass build-outs is not a simple task. You will need highly experienced commercial build out contractors considering that glass, though aesthetically impressive, comes with its dangers if not properly installed.

Many managers have sought the services of competent contractors in pursuit of high-quality build-outs for their commercial setting. Such setups are ideal for enhancing productivity, transparency, and responsible workplace conduct. The setup is also ideal for those types of work that call for closely monitored activities. In addition to alleviating laziness, glass partition walls also encourage accountability, which is a plus for your business.

2) Flexibility

This is perhaps one of the biggest financial gains that come with glass partition installations. Changing the room layout with the traditional walls can be a tedious and costly affair. However, with the glass office partitions, you can readily remodel your commercial workplace hassle-free. This is specifically important if you are looking to add more segments to your office or if you need additional space.

3) Aesthetic Value

With the never-ending competition across the globe, winning over clients is becoming harder than ever before. The chance of attracting potential clients depends on your efficiency and how presentable you can be. This is where the role of office glass partitions comes in handy. These products are known to provide an elegant and beautiful look for a truly professional appearance. With the wide range of treatments currently available such as frosting and etching, impressing your clients couldn’t be easier. If you have ever thought of giving your office a distinctly modern appearance for irrefutable benefits, then it would be wiser to install these types of walls.

4) Durability

Glass partitions are arguably one of the most versatile partitioning options. It never stops there because getting the right standard of glass thickness for your office glass partition is a sure way to eliminate the constant worries of wear and tear associated with day-to-day office use. With proper care and maintenance, glass partitions can last for a significant duration while satisfying your demands in the process. Choosing the perfect glass type for your workplace can be a daunting task. However, there are a few factors to consider if you are about to make a wise purchase decision. For example, the existing décor of your office and the specific feel you are looking for should help you settle for what suits you best. If you wish to upgrade your restroom partitions as well, consider contacting One Point Partitions for this purpose.

What do you think of these tips? Do share your thoughts.

Can your office design improve productivity?

The start-up culture put office design under the spotlight with the likes of Google and Apple making headlines for creating elaborate workspaces for their employees. Suddenly, the idea of having chill out areas, games consoles and all kinds of other office perks is considered a good thing. But do they really improve productivity?

As it turns out, they often cause more harm than good, as multiple studies and reports have shown.

Which begs the question: what does a productive office look like? In this article, you’ll find out why following the Google model doesn’t work for most businesses. And what you need to consider for your next office redesign.


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Why doesn’t the Google model work?

The easy answer to this question is that the Google model does work – for Google. However, this doesn’t mean throwing a slide in the middle of a lawyers’ office is suddenly going to make a firm 30% more productive. In fact, studies of more than 300 companies have found open-plan offices – where everyone works in the same space – significantly hurts productivity.

While another study from last year revealed that 58% of high-performance employees say they need quieter working spaces to get things done.

As HubSpot’s Jami Oetting explains on Medium, open working spaces often improve communication. But may employees say they feel less productive and creative due to the increase in noise and distractions. So, clearly, the Google approach isn’t working for many businesses but what does that mean for your next office design?


Designing an office that works for you

The reason many businesses fail with office redesigns is because they simply try to copy something they’ve seen elsewhere. Oh, that company did this and increased productivity by 120% – let’s do that!

Except the reason “that company” increased productivity is because they extensively researched and planned their office redesign to meet their unique needs. They didn’t try to copy the latest success story in Forbes.

As UK office design consultancy Office Principles says:


“The workplace should always support employees in their work. A smart office should be centred on the people working there. What attracts and motivates them to be able to perform at their best? In order to achieve maximum workplace productivity an office should be designed for flexibility. Flexible in a way that it is accessible to be used every day depending on different activities. And that it is open for changes and innovation over time.”


The Way Forward

The key to boosting productivity through office design is understanding the challenges your team faces on a day-to-day basis. As we’ve already established, improving communication by adding open workspaces often comes at the cost of hurting overall productivity and creativity. So you may need to consider a mix of open and private spaces that your team can move between as needed.

It’s also important to provide areas where your staff can relax during breaks. This would allow them come back more refreshed. This doesn’t mean turning every desk into chess boards is going to help them get things done when they need to be concentrating on work. So forget about the gimmicks and concentrate on making sure you invest in the right equipment your team needs to get the job done. For many companies, this means the right computers, software and comfortable furniture.

Finally, always remember that office designs don’t end with the layout and contents of your workspace. You also need to create the right kind of office culture to get the most from your staff and enable them to get the best results. For some teams, this might mean flexible working while others might perform better under a stricter set of guidelines. It’s your job to know what will make your employees more productive.



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As with anything in business, there’s no magic fix that’s going to boost productivity for every company. The firms that get results achieve them by setting out clear goals. And conducting the research it takes to find the answers they need. The most productive office for your business is going to be unique from every other workspace. And your first job is to find out what that should look and feel like for your employees.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you think an office design has the power to improve productivity? Do sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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