Staying on top of my fitness plans

As a work from home mum with 2 busy kiddies, staying fit and well is important for me. In other for me to run my household the way I want it to go, I have to be on top of my fitness plans. Which is why I try to eat a balanced diet and exercise as much as I can. I also like to take food supplements to help me even more. In the last couple of days, I have been taking the Athletic Line Mega Daily Forte by Scitec Nutrition, and I am loving how it makes me feel energised.

For those who have never heard of these multivitamins, it is an advanced multi-vitamin and mineral formula, with a carefully formulated composition of 26 ingredients. The multivitamins is full of essential minerals that helps support the body throughout the day. A pack currently retails at £16.49. One pack contains 90 capsules which should last for a month, with you taking 3 capsules a day with meals.


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I have been taking these multivitamins for over a week, taking 3 capsules a day, and I am a huge fan now. Back in the day, before the kiddies showed up, I used to spend my free time running. I enjoyed running. It was my way of staying fit and it did wonders for my mental health. But once the kids showed up, life happened and I didn’t have the time or energy for many things including running, so that part of me took a back seat. Now with the kids in school, I have more time on my hands to do stuff for me. So I will be picking my running shoes every week and running for as long as I can. And thanks to Scitec Nutrition, the Athletic Line Mega Daily Forte Multivitamins would be helping me to stay on track.


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Some of the essential minerals and vitamins included in the Athletic Line Mega Daily Forte includes Magnesium – which contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system. Selenium and Zinc are also included. Selenium benefits thyroid function while Zinc contributes to normal fertility.

After taking these multivitamins for a week, I can feel my body working more efficiently. And I feel ready to fulfil my running desires. Staying on top of my fitness plans was one of my new year resolutions this year. So it feels good to smash it!


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Do you have any fitness plans you are currently working on? What do you think of this Athletic Line Mega Daily Forte Vitamins? Do you take any food supplements?


*Collaborative post.


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