Sports Clothing Essentials

We love anything sports related in our home. My kids are learning to swim and have weekly swimming lessons. They also take part in sports competitions in school and are very much into anything sporty. As a family, we go skiing when we can. My son loves the slopes and although it is an expensive sport, we try to enjoy it as frequently as possible. When it comes to shopping for sports clothing essentials, I look for clothing that would do the job and last a long time. I like shopping for quality rather than quantity and it is the same when I need to shop for our sports clothing.


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The hubby loves his sportswear and is forever adding something new to his collection. He’s currently thinking of getting some new Golf belts from Function 18 and I am sure he will be getting more than golf belts. He goes jogging regularly and hits the gym daily, so his sports clothing is very important.

Comfort is very important when it comes to any type of clothing, and it is no different for sports. In order to enjoy the sport, the clothing has to provide maximum support and comfort. Here are some of my sports clothing essentials –


Running Clothes

Running clothes are very important when it comes to sports clothing. I stay well away from cotton fabrics as they’re not always the best materials for working out. Also, once cotton fabric gets wet, it stays wet, and with sports, we all tend to break out in a sweat at some point. So, I spend a bit more money and opt for running clothes made of a technical fabric with synthetic wicking material. It works better for me.


Running Socks

I also avoid wearing cotton socks because they make my feet sweaty. Instead I go for running socks with a synthetic blend. They work better for me because they help prevent blisters and they keep my feet dry and comfortable.


Supportive Sports Bras

There is nothing more painful than doing a sport related activity without wearing a supportive sports bra. Wearing one of these will ensure you feel more comfortable while you take part in running and other high-impact activities. I have invested in a few sports bras and they come in so handy. It is best to have a couple in your wardrobe because most sports bras need to be replaced after 72 washes and the last thing you want is to find out that your only sports bra does not support your chest area on the day you need it to.


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Running Belt

A running belt is another sports clothing essential. They come in so handy for when you’re out on your run, as you can keep your personal items in there, which will leave your hands free. I like going for the roomier belts to hold larger items like my phone, keys, some form of ID, and cash.


These are my sports clothing essentials. I need them to enjoy a day of sports and fun, whether it is at the gym, leisure centre or out on the street.


What do you think of them? Which sport activity do you enjoy the most?


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