Stitched Up with this Season’s Embroidered Jeans

Every season, new trends emerge that take the fashion industry by storm, and sometimes they are trends that your clothing collection simply can’t live without. With new designs continuously coming into the spotlight, such as the recent choker craze, you might find that some new styles are here to stay. So, to ensure you don’t miss out on this season’s hype, you might want to update your clothing collection with the next big thing; embroidered jeans.



Denim is a classic element of any clothing collection; the staple material that can work across a number of garments including jeans, jackets and shorts. Jeans in particular have certainly seen their fair share of transformation over the years, including boyfriend jeans and flares, and it’s safe to say that each clothing collection has its own core set of denim to offer. With all things retro coming back into fashion, it’s no surprise that this season’s denim features embroidery reminiscent of the 90s. Thankfully though, this time around embroidered jeans are a little more sophisticated.

New approach to embroidery

What was once cool, then not-so-much, is well and truly back in fashion. Embroidered clothing has taken on a new approach; ditching the butterflies and stars of years gone by, and instead favouring elaborate and detailed patterns such as floral.

Adding character to your clothing collection, embroidery may quickly become the new essential thanks to its creative take on fashion. Whether it’s bold or subtle, embroidery can be the focal point of any ensemble. So, where do embroidered jeans fit into your clothing collection?



Artistic take on fashion

As with everything in the fashion industry, there are numerous differences within the embroidered jeans trend. It’s not one-size-fits-all, with so many different designs to choose from. Thanks to this, you can include the best wholesale denim pieces that fits in seamlessly with your existing collection.

You can choose from a number of styles to add to your denim line; one of the more popular designs is the traditional floral pattern. Intricate and perfect for the upcoming summer, you can inject the perfect amount of seasonality into your collection. Working well across a number of looks, you can take embroidered jeans from day-to-night; cementing their status as a versatile addition to any collection.

However, the creativity doesn’t stop at a floral pattern; there are so many different designs to ensure your collection is complete. Other embroidered patches can give a more rock and roll appearance, with a combination of motifs, slogans and rips to promote a more tomboy finish to your collection. Offering more of a punk rock look, there is the perfect denim to match whatever your current collection includes.

How to wear it

Styling your embroidered jeans couldn’t be easier. Denim offers such versatile opportunities that you can pair this trend with any number of other looks. Bardot top and sandals for daytime chic, or a laced up bodysuit and heels for a night on the town. Likewise, keep it plain with a t-shirt and trainers and let the jeans do all the talking!


Are you a fan of embroidered jeans?


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