Celebrities Sporting Activewear: Summer 2019 Edition

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 Activewear is summer’s hottest trend for a good reason. This breathable, wear-anywhere style of clothing, shoes and accessories is just as comfortable at the beach or gym as for running errands, traveling or just hanging out at home.  Celebrities are constantly spotted in athletic outfits or styling athletic essentials such as tank tops, leggings, yoga pants and casual shorts.

Many names you know have their own lines of active clothing and accessories. Discover four trendsetting looks to try this summer and find out how to get great deals on all the hottest looks of the season, from Asics women’s shoesto Puma sneakers for sale, along with clothes and accessories to complete any active look.


Celebrities Sporting Activewear: Summer 2019 Edition

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  1. Breathable Basics

Many celebrities have been spotted by the paparazzi sporting the same styles athletes have worn for decades. Check out recent pictures of celebs spotted out jogging or heading to or from the gym, and you’ll see that most tend to wear comfortable and stylish garments that wick away moisture. The right clothing, accessory and footwear choices can increase breathability and limit sweat buildup from head to toe. Keep blisters at bay by wearing men’s athletic shoes or women’s shoes made at least partially out of woven materials such as mesh to promote airflow.


  1. Swimwear

 You don’t need to scroll too far down your Instagram feed or your favorite star’s grid to come across swimsuit pictures from beaches and music festivals. Men and women can sport celebrity-inspired looks without spending designer dollars. Shop online to find the best deals on bikinis, one-pieces and swim shorts from trending brands to beat the heat.


  1. Essential Loungewear

 Summertime isn’t complete without some time spent resting and recuperating with friends and family. Pick up some celeb-inspired loungewear and get ready to gather by the water, around the campfire or just hang out at home. Think cool linen garments and other soft, fast-drying materials that are resistant to stains and wrinkles. Browse gossip and style blogs to see what your favorite celebs wear while kicking back and enjoying the season.


  1. Lots of Layers

 Some summer mornings or evenings can be surprisingly cool. Celebrity candids show stars wearing or carrying extra layers to help them stay comfortable during breaks on set or while traveling. You can also stay comfortable at all hours and in a wide range of weather conditions with the right layers. Consider breathable three-quarter sleeve or long-sleeved shirts or pullovers that can provide physical sun protection and deter mosquitoes.

Activewear has become so popular that there is no longer any need to sacrifice style to stay cool and prepare for any warm-weather activities. There are also fewer limits to where you can sport activewear, especially as a layer. Select pieces that will help you stay comfortable while you spend time outside, run errands and kick back and relax this summer. You don’t have to spend as much as the stars for similar styles. Try comparison shopping online to find Puma sneakers for sale and low prices on other athletic shoes, clothes and accessories.


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How To Choose The Right Shoes

Choosing the right shoes for different occasions, from so many designs and collections can be hard work. There are quite a number of options to choose from, it can get a little confusing. We all have different tastes in shoes, different needs and different walking styles, but the fact remains, we all wear shoes. This funny infographic from Fabi Shoes shows that what we drink, may represent what shoes we wear.


Do you agree?

Here are 3 basic tips you should have in mind when selecting your next pair of shoes:

Quality over Quantity

Attention to detail, finest quality materials and beautiful designs are what I look out for when buying shoes. I love Italian shoes, they are unique, elegant and trendy. I rather have an expensive Barracuda pair of shoes that stands out from the rest, to wear for years, than 5 cheap pairs from a high street store that will fall apart in weeks. I will pick quality over quantity any day. I am not saying high street is not quality, some are and some aren’t.

Check out this gorgeous Fabi jewelled sandals:




I always walk around for some minutes before buying new shoes. It saves me making a trip back to the store to return an uncomfortable shoe. I always check to make sure a new shoe fits in properly, and it is not painful or uncomfortable to walk in. I go shoe shopping in the afternoon or at the end of the day when I have done some walking around. That way, my feet will be slightly swollen from all the walking, and I get the right size of shoes.

Also, I wear the new shoes indoors for a while until I am 100% satisfied with the fit. Just incase I need to return it, I won’t have a damaged or dirty sole.

I find Kurt Geiger shoes very stylish and comfortable. Tried a couple of them now and I am impressed.


Go For Platform Shoes/Wedges If You Struggle to Walk In Heels

My final tip is for those who struggle to walk in heels. Go for platform shoes and wedges instead. They provide the necessary height as well as comfort. They may look very high, but they are definitely more comfortable than regular heels. In fact, wedges look like heels, but feel like flats, and this Sandalo Donna Cipro Nero sandals is a perfect example.


What about you? Share your tips for choosing the right shoes.

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