Beauty Muse – Terri Hatcher

Terri Hatcher Beauty Image


The American beauty – Terri Hatcher is the beauty muse I am ravishing today. The actress is a naturally beautiful woman. She has an amazing figure and her facial features are amazing for a 51-year-old woman. I still can’t get over the fact that this woman is in her fifties. I know she has been around for ages, I remember watching her on the TV series – Lois & Clarks – The New Adventures of Superman. It is like she has grown older before our very eyes.

Some years ago, Terri bared herself as she filmed her daily routine for the Oprah Winfrey Show. She filmed her journey from waking up, looking not so good, with eyebags and all, to stepping in front of cameras on the set of Desperate Housewives, looking stunning. It was a good watch.



Terri Hatcher is known for her love for exercising, eating healthy and regular facials. Guess that is how she maintains her amazing physique and beautiful face.


Her former skin care therapist – Ingrid Seaburn, spills the beans on the celebrity’s beauty regime –

“I’d give her different treatments. I used a massage technique for toning the muscles in her face – it also oxygenated the face. [I also used] vitamin A, exfoliated [her] regularly and used a micro-current treatment with positive and negative [currents] to tone the muscles.”

Terri Hatcher’s top tips for feeling healthy are –

Water, sleep, laughter. Closely followed by exercise, travel, love and organic vegetables, fruits and protein.

I agree with her, water is so important. I really need to take more water. I understand the benefits of drinking more water. The more I drink water, the better I feel on the inside and I look better on the outside too but I find water so plain and boring. So I try to take coconut water because I think it is the closest drink to still water. I find other flavoured versions a little too sweet.

Do you enjoy drinking water or do you struggle like I do?

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